2018 ballahack World Conflicts
updated 2018 calendar

  In addition to regular gameplay Ballahack Airsoft Field is hosting nine special events in 2018.  Four of the are World Conflicts, two of them are Revelations Events, and three of them are entirely new concepts including our first ever Milsim Series Event.

The Conflict between Enudra and Rosvad continues with the Battle for Bravid.
Where: Ballahack Airsoft Field
Cost: $35 Pre-reg / $40 Walk-on
What you get: Full Day Operation split into two phases, PVC World Conflict Patch, Free drinks all day, and unforgettable memories!

Description: This event is not a super mil-sim event, but rather a hybrid between mil-sim and regular gameplay. We design these operations to accommodate seasoned players who want to go hardcore as well as players wanting to learn, shoot, and have fun. We maximize the Field usage and create new challenges and objectives for each one.

Kit Requirements: To make it easier for the broader spectrum of players there are no hard set kit requirements for World Conflicts. We encourage Rosvad Forces to wear Woodland or Russian BDUs and Enduran Forces to wear Multicam or Tan BDUs.

Registration: When you register you are not yet split to a team. These events have always worked out such that those wearing the proper suggested BDUs and are hardcore for their side get to join their side. We then split new players to balance out the forces.

Team recognition: As there are no strict BDU requirements teams are designated with either Red Tape (Rosvad) or Blue Tape (Endure) around both arms. However if you have Endura or Rosvad patches they can be used to replace said tape. Team flag patches are available for purchase at the Field.

Rules: Standard Field Rules apply with the exception of special medic rules that will be briefed the day of. All players are required to read through the standard rules and regulations on the Ballahack website and sign a digital waiver before attending.

Camping: On-site camping is free. You may either sleep in your vehicles or bring tent etc.. Please call one hour before you arrive. Camping will be allowed Friday night and Saturday night but not Sunday night. All tents/ gear must be back in your vehicles by 8am.

The Pre-reg cost will go up to the walk-on price one week before the event so register early!

Click on the World Conflict above to Register

Fertile Crescent 4 2018


  Fertile Crescent 4 is our fourth installment of the Revelations Post Apocalypse Summertime series at Ballahack.  The Fertile Crescent is the only healing area in the World.  These events take place generations after the initial apocalypse.  Every player must fend for themselves to obtain power, security, wealth, and ultimately survive.  REGISTRATION IS LIVE:  CLICK HERE

Ballahack Milsim Series 2018

Ballahack Milsim Series Event

 Over 10 years Ballahack Airsoft Field has ran many events that could be considered milsim.  We do not consider them milsim, but rather organized military styled games.  This will be our first ever milsim event.  We believe that to achieve our desired level of realism that you cannot having paying players vs. paying players.  All Op4 for this event will be organized admin staff.  Players will go through a complex series of challenges and missions over six phases throughout this one day event and experience more than one AO.  Slots will be limited and all players who attend must be 16 years of age or older.  Details and registration coming soon.

Nightfell Revolution 2018

The Nightfell Revolution

This event will not be for the faint of heart.  We have wanted to do this event for many years now and we’re going to take a shot at it.  This may be our heaviest role-player event yet and will be a progressive experience to the players.  Do not consider going to this event until all details, discussion videos, and more have been released.  If you’re willing to try something very different, this event may be for you.

Z Event 2018

Event Z

This event is going to be off the hook and will be the perfect fit for Ballahack Airsoft Field and its community.  That’s all I’ll give you right now.


Rev 9 2018

Revelations 9

  Perhaps our most popular event, usually pulling out more than 1,000 players for the weekend, is our Post Apocalypse Series Revelations.  This will be our 9th installment of the Fallout styled free-for-all survival event.  Details and Registration will be released soon.