karo ii

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Following a bloody three way civil war the coastal nation of Zona has been left shattered and broken. Refugees number in the hundreds of thousands. Disease is rampant. This tumultuous time in Zona is a boon to the opportunistic. Diamonds, weapons, food, livestock and other more illicit substances are up for grabs to those who are able to use force and negotiation to this end. Mercenaries, thieves, soldiers, smugglers, doctors, businessmen refugees, and spies are all flocking to Zona as law and order continue to deteriorate. A peacekeeping and humanitarian force has been deployed to the border of Zona and it’s northern neighbor Bojabonda to stem the flow of refugees and illicit substances exiting the country. The Bojabondan military is also mobilizing to defend it’s sovereignty, While in Zona two warlords are mustering armies with the aim of seizing control of Zona. 

Karo II will be split into two phases. During the first phase players will be free to accrue as much wealth as possible. They will pursue this goal by looting, trading, buying, and stealing a variety of commodities including: livestock, diamonds, weapons, medical supplies, and (fake) narcotics. Simultaneously players will be deciding which faction to align themselves with. Factions will come heavily into play mainly during the second phase; however, there will be benefits to joining a faction early, in the first phase. Following a short op-pause unaligned players will be split onto one of the factions for phase two.
During the second phase players will take place in an all out war. In phase two each faction will be vying for control of various strategic sites, such as diamond mines and medical facilities, as well as accomplishing specific objectives that will be briefed by each teams’ commanding warlord.

The Economy:
Zona’s economy is driven by a vibrant black market. Players will interact with different characters, accomplishing tasks for them, in return for either money or a valuable commodity. These commodities can be exchanged for cash at the Black Market. Money can be used to purchase extra ammo, supplies, and medical equipment. 

Medic rules: 
During phase one there will be multiple community respawns at which players can respawn at will. There will also be faction specific respawns that players will be allowed to utilize if they join the congruent faction. 
The community respawns will not be active during phase two.  
Standard medic rules will not be in effect at Karo II, instead players will be able to acquire medical supplies (Comprised of a bandage). To heal a friendly player the bandage must be wrapped neatly around a limb and pressure must be applied to the “wound” for 40 seconds. 

There will be three active factions for Karo II. 

Bojabondan Army: The Bojabondan Army is located across the border in their fortress at Mospada (N. Fob). They aim to keep warring tribes from Zona from crossing the order and wreaking havoc in Bojabonda. The Bojabondan’s are mainly on a defensive footing however they will retaliate if attacked. 

Free People of Zona: The Free People of Zona are a collection of farmers, shopkeepers, and fishermen who are sick of suffering abuse at the hands of one corrupt government after another. They aim to exact justice in Zona against their former oppressors. 

Togo Militia: The militia is a violent band ofviolent rebels who are violent and aim to violently control Zona and the surrounding farm land by force. The Togo Militia is known to traffic drugs, guns, and blood diamonds. The militia is led by a vicious, and cunning visionary: Bongo the Warlord. 

Players are encouraged to avoid wearing plate carriers or “high-speed” combat suits. Remember Local fighters in a third world nation are not running around wearing head to toe Crye. Players should wear civilian clothes, or older camouflage patterns (M81 woodland, six color desert, DCU’s, or DPM’s for example). All weapon types are permitted but older platforms such as AK’s and G3’s are heavily encouraged.