13442704_10154367399030815_3043470087306058218_o  Karo II is set in the fictional African nations of Zona and Bojabonda. The event will involve both free flowing elements and structured combat. You can expect to fight both as a lone guerrilla fighter and a member of a warlord’s army. To effectively enter into the world of Karo it is essential that your kit reflect the conflict.
Here are some helpful tips to aid you in your kit building.

1. Lightweight is king
This event is in July in Chesapeake, Virginia. It is going to be sweltering, wearing clothes and gear that do not trap in heat will keep you going all day long. This is not the event at which to wear a zillion layers. A perfectly fine lightweight kit might consist of cargo pants, a tattered T-shirt and a light chest rig.

2. Dress like a jungle warrior
We’ve already received many emails inquiring about using Multicam or other such patterns. This is not the event to wear full Crye combat sets. Part of the fun of the game is contributing to the comprehensive atmosphere. Ballahack Airsoft reserves the right to turn anyone away for not contributing to the aforementioned atmosphere. That being said, we’re not looking for much. Wearing camo patterns is fine as long as they could ostensibly be acquired by militia forces in an African nation. Many items can be found at your local thrift store for cheap!

3. Carry water
As previously mentioned this game is going to be hot. Very hot. Water will be provided at the event, but do not neglect to bring some way to carry water with you in gameplay. Many players have to drop out due to heat and dehydration related causes, don’t let yourself become one of them.

4. Prepare to stay in the field all day.
This is an all day event with only one Op-pause. It is essential that you carry everything you need for the phase with you. This includes BB’s, gas, food, water, and spare magazines.

This is event is going off the chain, and we’re very excited for it.

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