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Free shipping and a bonus patch with orders over $150. Order now!

Valken Speed Loader M4 Style 400Rd


What we have here is a M4 Magazine Style airsoft BB speed loader that is required to load BBs into airsoft mid-cap magazines and low-cap magazines.

This particular speed loader also has a built-in flip over gas-magazine feed ramp/adapter for easier loading of gas pistol and gas rifle magazines.

These airsoft BB loaders are made with durable, high strength polymer construction and a translucent body allowing you to see how many BBs are remaining.

They hold 400 BBs, and are specifically designed to fit inside a single M4 magazine pouch.

There is an o-ring in the feeding channel which prevents BBs from falling out, and the agitating plunger reduces the frequency of jams and blockages. 

Features and Specifications:

1:1 scale of an M4 / M16 magazine

Shaped to fit M4 style magazine pouches

Quickly reload shotgun shells, grenades, low-cap or mid-cap magazines, and revolvers

Transparent polymer material

Eliminates the need of bulky loading rods and tools

400rd high capacity reservoir

Retractable, locking loading plunger

Locking fill door

Built-in gas magazine adapter

Dimensions: 160mm x 65mm x 24mm

Capacity: 400rds

Material: High strength polymer