Ballahack has a gravel parking lot set against the Staging Facility and Pro-Shop.  We ask that you would drive slowly down the driveway and always park neatly or wherever a parking attendant asks.


The Staging Area has many tables that are first come first serve.  Players may stage out of their vehicles if they choose.  There are two public restrooms in the Staging area.  The Store wraps around staging and is open to all players the entire day.


The MOUT Town consists of over 20 structures and is completely surrounded by wooded areas and swamplands.  At the center of  the Town is a four story kill house that doubles as a rappel tower.  Warm up games at the beginning of the day take place almost entirely in the Town.


Apart from the Town the remaining field uses roughly 70 acres of swamps, trails, wooded areas, and ravines.