Angel Custom Type 96 OMEGA Pro Zero Trigger System


This upgraded trigger system is for the Type 96/APS2 style bolt action airsoft sniper rifles.

Only 2 left in stock



Advanced Upgrade part for Higher Durability and Function to Your bolt Action

Increases Trigger Response with Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity

Redesigned After the Laylax Trigger System with Unmatched “Zero Trigger Response”

Created with Steel Internal Sear Set and High Carbon Steel Trigger

Teflon Spacers to Reduce Friction

Includes Special Piston and Cylinder Head for Max Air Seal

Some Modification may be Required, This should be installed by a professional.

Compatibility: Maruzen APS Type 96, UTG MK96, Type 96, WELL MB01 Series Bolt Action Rifles and Compatible Models

Will NOT fit Snow Wolf M24

Warning: This System is not Drop Proof, Please Transport and Store your Airsoft gun in a safe Condition


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