Blue Force Gear PLATEminus 6


Blue Force Gear for all occasions


MOLLEminus is a revolutionary load carriage platform that is fully MOLLE compatible while being the lightest on the market. The same way we made the lightest MOLLE pouch attachment – Helium Whisper™ – system with one piece Helium Whisper backers, MOLLEminus™ is a MOLLE compatible platform constructed out of one piece of ULTRAcomp™ The MOLLE field has been changed to all slots which gives greater flexibility in mounting pouches and maximum signature reduction without having another layer of material underneath.

PLATEminus™ V6 is built with the same fully MOLLE compatible MOLLEminus platform as the original PLATEminus™. This provides fully modular load carriage capability but significantly reduces weight and bulk over traditional armor carriers. PLATEminus™ V6 is designed to hold ESAPI/SPEAR armored plates and has fully enclosed plate pockets which protect the plates. “Plate 6” provides users with built-in 6”x6” side plate pockets and cummerbund side closures. It also has a flat admin pocket behind the front loop field and a drag handle on the back.


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