ECHO 1 Nemesis Arms VANQUISH Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

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A really cool bolt action from Echo 1.

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Manufacturer: Echo 1


  • Material: Metal and Polymer
  • Rail Features: Top rail on receiver
  • Battery: Spring powered
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 rounds
  • Selector Features: Safe , Bolt Action
  • Additional Features: Take down rifle with bipod and a carrying case,

FPS: ~ 400

What’s Included: Gun, Magazine, Manual, Carrying Case, bipod

2 reviews for ECHO 1 Nemesis Arms VANQUISH Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

  1. F0ur (verified owner)

    Just got it in today and used it for a bit (not in an actual game, just testing) and wow. This gun really blew my expectations away, in both good and very bad ways. In any case, I am using high grade 0.20 bb’s. WARNING FOR SMALLER PEOPLE WHO CAN’T LIFT: This gun is heavy for you most likely. The gun without the bipod and full mag inside (like the mag weight matters lol) weighs roughly 13-15 pounds and there are no sling attachments for this so you have to hold it or disassemble it to move better. I’ll start off with the pros:

    Let’s be real, the main reason why you bought this is because you saw Swampsniper use this in one of his videos at Ballahack so you basically already know all the pros. It’s compact, the mag holds about 100 rounds (I’d say technically around 90 but I’ll save that for the cons), you can remove the orange tip, it shoots fast and hard and it’s pretty much a good all-around sniper.

    Cons: Well there are a LOT. First off the case it comes in. The styrofoam or whatever you’d call it inside the case to hold everything in was made cheap. a good portion of it was already flexed and broken so I have to replace that. Onto the gun itself.

    The gun’s magazine can easily eject all the bb’s if you are not careful as the button to release it all is VERY touchy. The cheekpad on the stock can be raised, but you need two separate allen wrench keys to remove the screws that hold it in first. Although it looks like you can take off the muzzle brake, there’s a really small pin that makes you unable to (I do not have the tool to get it out but I have been able to take out pins without said tool on all my other airsoft rifles except this one). Now my biggest question was why does the gun need two orange tips, one being where the barrel connects? So I experimented to see if it can shoot without the barrel. Obviously not, but it actually ejected all of my bb’s. Not only that, but I also found out the hop-up was already tuned really high. Sadly I do not own the screwdriver or whatever tool you need to turn this down so until Wednesday, I am stuck with a rifle that shoots to the sky after roughly 20-40 meters. I almost forgot about the bipod! The bipod fits really loose on the peg you see in the photo. Not sure if this was a design choice or not so I won’t count it towards the rating but personally, I don’t like it.

    All of the above was for -1 star. Here’s a single reason why it lost another star from me: Like I said before, I used high quality 0.20 bb’s. After a while of shooting, the bolt was not going back into place and I was wondering why that was. I pulled the bolt back to inspect what’s going on and I found white gunk and powder packed into the bolt. It was fragments of my bb’s! How the hell did that happen??? I cleaned most of it out, locked the bolt back in, and it fit perfectly again. For this rifle, you may need to use a higher caliber than .2’s. Regardless, I will be looking to downgrade the spring (if I even can). As for the mag, even though it holds 100 rounds, it will take about 5-6 (though it feels like 10) in order to shoot even a single bb. Not only that, the magazine sometimes did not lock in properly.

    As for FPS I have not gotten it chrono’d but they did say out of the box it shot about 500-550 fps and from how far it shot along with crushing my bb’s, I can see it hitting that fast and hard.

    TL;DR, Decent sniper rifle, use .2’s at your own risk as it will crush them apparently no matter the quality, compact yet pretty heavy, had problems with the mag, takes 2 allen wrench keys to raise the cheekpad, styrofoam in the hardcase it came in was messed up royally.


  2. Bruce Lee Swagger

    This is based on STOCK performance. After inner barrel and bucking swap it goes to 5 stars. Let’s be clear, due to the preinstalled m150 spring, this gun is not for younger airsofters. Bolt pull is hard and all metal construction adds heft. Echo 1 also offers a full cylinder power up bolt that bumps the fps to 550. That said, this gun is ugly but performs above average at its stock configuration and gives a couple of “upgrades” out of the box when compared to the standard VSR10. The only polymer you’ll find on this gun is the real steel pistol grip, everything else is metal. The inner barrel is DIRTY so clean it before shooting, something Airsoft G.I. didn’t do, or Cisco can’t hit the broad side of a barn because my out of box accuracy was stellar with the stock barrel 80 meter consistent accuracy on man sized target. The inner barrel is 6.03 and made of brass and also includes non removable spacers( I tried) the bucking does the job, but pales in comparison to a Maple Leaf. The Sears are 90 degrees and CHUNKY(its wider than a VSR sear). I doubt you’ll break it. The cylinder, even though it uses AEG springs, which are shorter than VSR, is larger in diameter. The spring guide and piston are made of metal and power adjustment is made easy with an included cylinder head removal tool. The hop unit already comes out of the box with a TDC style adjustment system. What really makes me love this gun is the tooless disassembly. The included bipod is not very stable for displaying the gun but its based on the design of the Nemis Arms real steel bipod. It allows you to use walls and shoot at extreme angles, but since it’s an airsoft version, they cut corners so not all the adjustment capabilities are there. To address a previous review, DO NOT USE .20 bbs in this gun. With the 500 fps this gun shoots, of course some .20 bbs will disintegrate. I only use .46 bb’s in mine and haven’t had any issues. The upgrades I have installed are the power up kit, Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel(with electrical tape spacers as the stock spacers are non removable, literally slots cut into the inner barrel, super glue, and o-rings to hold it in place), Maple Leaf Decepticon bucking, and mine shoots around 3 joules now.

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