King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Long


King Arms gives you the look and performance you want and need on the field. This slick MP5 variant has the features you’re looking for in a SBR/SMG package.

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1.Tactical handguard

– King Arms Short Barrel Rifle PDW series available in different length of handguard constructed by high quality nylon fiber. This lightweight AEG equipped with durable nylon fiber 7 inch railed handguard.


– Metal made outer metal to avoid wobbling. It also protect the well-polished brass 6.05mm inner barrel for a precise shooting.

– Rifle come with a new designed suppressor.


– ┬áReceiver was built by high grade Nylon polymer, providing a lighter in overall weight without compromising of longer resistance and durability.

– Stylish design of the receiver with chopped-off dust cover, together with good-looking fire-mode-selector, bolt release button, gives an eye catching outlook of the rifle.

– Vertical design trigger improve the flexibility of shooting and non-slip design increase the friction of smooth surface.

– Two ways magazine release levers allow faster operation.


– Highly calibrated 7mm bearing metal gearbox with metal spring guide.

– Equipped with a Mosfet triggering circuit that provides maximum accuracy.

– With feature of Quick Spring Change System, let shooter alter power spring easily.

– Hop up unit allows shooter to adjust the range of the shooting and the precision.

5.Ergonomic grip

– Built in nylon to provide higher strength and durability.

– Comes with 6 interchangeable front and rear inserts for a more ergonomic and personalized fit.

– End plate designed to allow a better motor ventilation and lower temperature while skirmishing.

6.Tactical stock

– 7 position quick pull and auto-locking system provides the fastest adjustment possible.

– Enlarged stock tube with a compartment for batteries up to 1400mah-12v. The compartment is easily accessible by operating the rear gunstock cap.


– Foldable rear and front sights.

– Rear sight comes with a double viewfinder for high precision shooting.

8. Magazine

– ┬áMP5 double stack silent magazine with capacity up to 100 rounds. Standard dimension allow users buy spare magazine easily from the existing market.

– Compatible with any other Marui style mag that makes it easy to replace in case of lost.


Suggested Energy Source 9.6V battery
Maximum Battery Storage 9.6V / 11.1V
Max. Overall Length 718 mm
Min. Overall Length 621 mm
Inner Barrel Length 195 mm
Weight without Magazine 1920 g
Main Material Zinc Alloy; Nylon Fiber
Major Color Black
Capacity 100 Rds
Caliber 6.05 mm
Fire Mode Safe / Single / Full-Auto
Marking King Arms
King Arms Bolt Catch System King Arms AEG Bolt Catch System
Loading Mode Automatic
Blowback Action -NA-
Outer Barrel Design Flexible & Light Weight Design
Magazine Release Design Two ways
Hop-Up Bucking Design Adjustable AEG Type
Gearbox Design Quick spring change Ver.2 gearbox with 7mm bearing / Mosfet
Motor Design Long Axle Type
Accessories come with package -NA-
Muzzle Velocity (Canada version) Over 366 FPS
Muzzle Velocity (Italy / Japan version) Lower than 0.98J
Muzzle Velocity (Standard version) 380~420 FPS

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 15 × 5 in



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