Krytac Polymer Piston/Piston Head Assembly w/ Metal Teeth


This krytac piston is a stock replacement for any krytac style gearbox.

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The piston is one of the biggest factors in the operation of your airsoft gearbox

All the teeth of this item are reinforced on both sides and the first four teeth are constructed of metal

The second to last tooth is missing which is factory done to save more advanced users from having to shave that off themselves

This piston head is ported which allows the piston to refill with air to aid in quick follow up shots

The piston is designed to be light a minimize its effect of wear and tear on the other internals it interacts with

This is an OEM factory replacement part for Krytac AEGs and can function as a replacement or perhaps upgrade to other compatible AEGs


durable, high quality polymer and four fully steel teeth

second to the last tooth is absent for easy end user tuning

Compatible with Krytac AEGs and other V2 gearbox models


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