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Avalon is out here for all the Milsim players!

With the release of the Avalon M4 SOPMOD, you now have access to a standard M4A1 platform with all the glory of the Avalon V2 Gearbox.

This gun is ready for action out of the box!

It comes with a neo-magnet high torque motor, tight bore barrel, ability to quickly change the spring, and gearbox housed mosfet system so don't go tearing your SOPMOD apart looking for it.

Avalon has you covered with a year warranty
(You must maintain warranty conditions for the complete year.) 

 Manufacturer- Vega Force Company

Material- Metal

Wiring- Rear Wired Small Tamiya

Gearbox- Avalon V2 


Package Includes- Gun, Mid Cap Magazine, Rail Covers, Manual