CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Metal Shotgun

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Redesigned from the Tokyo Marui M3 shotgun, the CYMA M3 is built to shoot harder for the performance driven American market!

CYMA set out to capture this iconic shogun in the form of a reinforced, reliable, powerful, and accurate Airsoft version.

There is no reinventing the wheel here, the CYMA M3 series uses the tried and true tri-shot design but with beefier and more durable internals and the fine exterior appearance that CYMA is known for.

Airsoft players have been asking for it and CYMA has delivered, a skirmish grade tri-shot M3 Airsoft shotgun with a very attractive price tag.

The CYMA 3-round burst shotgun is perfect for those looking for manual backup weapon. Remember to pick up some spare shotgun shells along with it!

Features and Specifications:

Full metal receiver

Three rounds chambered per pump

Approximately 290 FPS

Spring Powered

Package Includes: Trishot, 3 shells and Manual