Fertile Crescent 9 4/20-4/21, Walk On's Not Permitted.

Fertile Crescent 9 4/20-4/21, Walk On's Not Permitted.

Helikon-Tex Leaf Ghillie Set- US Woodland


Ultralight, advanced camoflage system, made of lightweight mesh with artificial leafs stitched on the surface. The surface is also covered with paracord rows that can be used for attaching additional camo, to better adapt it to the surrounding environment. Laser cut leafs are covered in camo on both sides to provide even better camouflage effect. The jacket is closed on front with two adjustable buckles. The Ghillie suit is perfect for recon operations, and can be used with other Helikon-Tex® products like Guardian® Chest Rig or our whole range of backpacks.

Specifications & Safety

Light and compressible two-part camouflage set
High breathability
Damp proof
Artificial two-sided printed leafs in Woodland pattern
Stitched over with a cord you can tie additional fiber yarns or natural materials to
Spacious hood
Compatible with gear
Woojin® buckles
One size fits all
Compression bag included