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The KRISS VECTOR SMG is a formidable compact SMG that excels in close quarter engagements.

Premium materials throughout the VECTOR SMG's design, such as 6061-T6 aluminum and reinforced polymers, lend to a robust and lightweight AEG, that is maneuverable in close quarters and can also withstand the abuse of up tempo gameplay.

By merging the technology and craftsmanship of the KRISS VECTOR into an AEG, the KRYTAC VECTOR SMG is the most faithful representation of it's real steel counterpart and serves as a competitive option for close quarter engagements.

Features and Specifications:

The KRISS Vector SMG AEG receivers are made from a similar material to its real world counterpart. Fiber reinforced polymers offer the best balance of robust durability and lightweight maneuverability.

The left and right side of the Vector SMG hand guard feature mounting points for picatinny rail sections, for the addition of aiming devices, such as lights or lasers. At the 6 o'clock position is a fixed, 7-slot, picatinny rail that is perfect for stabilizers, such as vertical grips or hand stops.

When folded, the back up sights sit a mere 14.2mm above the receiver top rail, allowing them to be tucked neatly behind, and underneath, optics and other aiming devices.

Ambidextrous switches allow the operator to maintain control of the AEG, regardless of dominant hand manipulation.

The charging handle is not just for looks. When the charging handle is pulled, the dust cover opens, revealing the hop up, for unencumbered adjustment.

The KRISS Vector SMG folding stock is constructed of the same fiber reinforced polymer as the receivers. With the push of a button, the stock folds to the side, reducing the overall length of the platform by 9". Additionally, the butt pad can be extended to match the operator's preferred length of pull, and the metal sling loop provides a sturdy foundation for a sling strap.

The KRISS VECTOR SMG magazines are constructed from high grade reinforced polymers and come in two magazine capacities- 50 and 95. The 50rd magazine sits flesh with the receiver of the gun whereas the 95rd magazine comes extended.

A representation of decades of experience in airsoft and tech work went into creating the highest performing and most rugged gearbox from the factory. Features that would require custom fabrication and cutting in years past are standard in the Nautilus.

The Nautilus MOSFET safeguards the circuitry and is strategically positioned at the rear of the gearbox in order to maximize space in the battery compartment.

The Nautilus Gearbox achieves perfect AOE out of the box thanks to the enlarged padding on the rear of the cylinder head and the absent second tooth on the piston.

Modern T-plugs (Deans) offer superior performance and save significantly on space compared to the traditional airsoft battery plug.

 ***Pictured is an airsoft gun without the orange tip. Our airsoft guns are sold and shipped with the orange tip as required by US law. ***

Description Specification






MIN: 375 fps / 115 mps
MAX: 400 fps / 122 mps

Energy Output

1.49 J / w.20g

Rate of Fire

20+ rps w/11.1v

Material Finish


Muzzle Color & Material

Orange Plastic

Magazine Capacity


Barrel Threading

14mm CCW




LiPo stick

Recommended Voltage



30K Short


Type 1

Engine Type

Vector Gearbox

Bucking Type


Overall Length Collapsed

17.2 in /445 mm

Overall Length Extended

26.2 in / 665 mm


7 in / 180 mm


5.7 lbs / 2.6 kg

Outter Barrel Length

5.5 in / 140 mm

Inner Barrel Length

155 mm

Inner Barrel Diameter

6.05 mm