Fathers play free June 15-16th!
Fathers play free June 15-16th!
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Specna Arms SA-E20 EDGE 2.0™ Carbine AEG


The EDGE 2.0 ™ series introduces a completely new quality to the Specna Arms replica family, adding new functionalities and innovations to the tried and tested design. As a result, Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 ™ carbines offer an exceptional high level of craftsmanship and technical advancement straight out of the box. 

Features of the replica:

- the receiver has a Nano Coating to prevent scratches,
- individual serial number placed on the receiver, additionally confirmed by a hologram,
- front rail in the RIS 22mm mounting system,
- outer barrel with a 14mm CCW thread,
- folding sights,
- double-sided tactical sling swivel,
- precision inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm, which will ensure high accuracy and repeatability of shots,
- Hop-Up rotary chamber, which allows for very precise and stable adjustment of the BB spinning system,
- Helium ™ Flat Hop bucking will improve the stability of spinning the BB,
- ESA2 ™ quick spring change system - it allows for quick and efficient adjustment of the replica's power to the conditions expected on the field of play without the need to use any tools (it is covered by the European Patent number: 007422159-0001),
- M90 main spring added to the set, perfect for indoor games,
- ORION Gearbox - reinforced frame, equipped with the main spring release function and ready to work with M140 springs. Inside the replica there are such elements as:

• reinforced polymer piston with a full steel jaw
• light, polymer, double-sealed piston head with bearings
• aluminum, sealed nozzle
• aluminum, double sealed cylinder head
• spring guide with ball bearings
• set of steel gears
• 8mm ball bearings

- powerful and efficient High Torque motor equipped with strong neodymium magnets. It has a 22TPA (Turn Per Arm) winding,
- factory-installed GATE ASTER ™ system which is an advanced controller equipped with innovative optical sensors,
- a dedicated Solar ™ Trigger that works perfectly with the ASTER ™ sensors, offering unprecedented sensitivity and precision (licensed from Gate Quantum Trigger ™),
- two S-MAG mid-cap magazines with a capacity of 125 BBs each, included in the set,

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