Operation Frozen Dagger 2/24, Walk On's Welcome. Standard Gameplay 2/25

Operation Frozen Dagger 2/24, Walk On's Welcome. Standard Gameplay 2/25

UK Arms M40P WWII Full Metal Machine Pistol AEG


  • Brand: UK Arms
  • Construction: Full metal upper receiver and stock / ABS plastic pistol grip and lower receiver
  • Operation: Electric Automatic
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Automatic, Full-Automatic, Safe
  • Muzzle Velocity: 340 - 360 FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Hop-Up: Yes, Adjustable
  • Battery: 8.4v NiMH Flat Stick Battery
  • Battery Connector: Mini Tamiya
  • Magazine Capacity: 60 Round Mid Capacity
  • Overall Length: 24.5 - 33 inches (Folded / Extended)
  • Overall Weight: 6.55 lbs
  • Color: Black & Imitation Wood
  • Full metal construction with imitation bakelite furniture
  • Under folding stock folds discreetly away for a more compact footprint
  • Full auto fire power that is fed with a 60 round stick magazine that is proprietary
  • Extremely realistic replica of the machine pistol carried by German troops during WWII
  • Airsoft replica's safety switch is located on the bottom of the pistol grip
Package Includes: 1x Gun, 1x Magazine, 1x Clearing Rod, 1x Speed Loader, 1x Sling, 1x Battery, 1x Charger, 1x Manual

Specifications & Safety

Airsoft Gun Safety: Please remember the following guidelines for safe gun use: 1. Always treat your gun as if it is loaded, even if you think it's not. 2. Never point your gun at anything you don't intend to shoot. 3. Keep your finger straight and away from the trigger until you are ready to fire. 4. Keep the safety on your gun until you are ready to shoot. 5. Use a barrel bag to prevent accidental discharge. 6. Always wear eye protection when using your replica firearm. 7. Always transport your replica firearm in a carrying case. Please note that these guidelines are crucial for your safety and should be followed at all times.