Below is the official Ballahack Airsoft ruleset. Please take time to go though and read all rules carefully. We are all here to have fun in a competitive manner. So while the day might get hectic as you adjust to changing situations, keep in mind that we are NOT real world operators and that our main goal is to have fun, enjoy playing with our friends and sling BBs at them!

All players must have a field approved barrel bag to keep BB’s from escaping their barrel when in the no-fire zones.
Eye/Face Protection

Eye protection

All eye protection must be full seal, be rated to resist impacts and have retention. Mesh goggles are not allowed unless another form of eye protection is worn underneath I.E. Shop glasses.

Age Restrictions

  • Ages 10-11 – must wear full-face paintball mask

  • Ages 12-15 – may wear full-face paintball mask, or full seal goggles and mesh or hard plastic lower face protection that covers the lower face and ears.

  • Ages 16-17 – must wear full seal goggles and lower mesh or hard plastic that covers the lower face.

  • Ages 18+ – can wear just full seal glasses with retention; however full face protection is still recommended.

Weapons Restrictions

Feet Per Second Limitations

All weapons are chronographed with either .20 gram, .40 gram, or .45 gram bbs at the Field’s discretion.  HPA and Gas rifles must be chromed with .40 gram bbs to account for joule creep and remain under the joule limit.

Pistols / Shotguns

 must be under 400 FPS w.20s or 1.49j

(() ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on Full)

SMGs / Rifles / LMGs

must be under 420 FPS w/.20s or 1.64 j
(25ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on Full)

Qualifying DMRs(semi locked)

must be under 450 FPS w/ .20s or 1.88j
(50ft MED)

Qualifying MMGs

must be under 450 FPS w/.20s or 1.88j
(75ft MED)

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

must be under 550 FPS w/.20s or 2.81j
(75ft MED)


No weapon may shoot over 25 rounds per second

New Weapon Class Qualifications

We have not taken away anything from our previous regulations with the exception to full auto MEDs.  We have simply added new Weapon classes with new MEDs.  If your weapon shoots within a lower energy category it will have the lower MED for that category.


Examples of qualifying 7.62 NATO or higher DMR replicas:

SR25, PSG1, G3A3/G3A4/G3SG1, Dragunov (AEG or HPA), G28/HK417, SCAR-H SSR/Mk20, M14/EBR


Replicas which do not qualify as DMRs:
M16, Mk12 SPR, G3SAS/MC51, VSS/VAL, SCAR-L, Ruger 10/22


Examples of qualifying 7.62 NATO or higher MMG replicas:

PKM, BAR, M1919, MG42, M60, M240, Mk48, HK21, M134 Minigun


Replicas which do not qualify as MMGs:

M249/SAW, Stoner LMG, RPK, RPD, M27 IAR, MG36, L86 LSW, Shrike/Krytac LMG, Microgun


No Fire Zones

All no-fire zones will be clearly marked. All airsoft guns will be safed, the magazine will be ejected and a barrel bag must be placed on the gun at all times in no fire zones. Eye protection will be worn at all times outside of the no fire zones.


All boundaries are clearly marked with yellow caution tape. Do not cross outside of or shoot through the yellow caution tape.

Prohibited Items

Firearms and Live Ammunition, Any blade longer than 4 inches, Mace, Pepper Spray or any other nonlethal weapon, Improvised airsoft grenades, Pyrotechnic devices, Potato guns or any compressed air launcher., Absolutely no alcohol or illegal narcotics.

Field Marshals

Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are here to give players a fun safe time. Please be respectful and comply with all requests from Marshals. Marshals must be informed of any gameplay problems and real world emergencies.

Hit Calling

Airsoft is an honor sport, the game hinges on the integrity of the players. A hit anywhere to the body or gear of a player counts as a hit. Ricochets do not count, nor do gun hits, or friendly fire. When hit a player should yell “HIT” as loud as possible, raise his or her dead rag, and assume a nonthreatening position. Dead players may not talk, or communicate in any fashion with other players.


All players MUST carry two dead rags on them at all times and store them in two separate locations.  This rule ensures that if one dead rag is lost the player will not create confusion being “dead” without an available dead rag for their head.
Medics are designated players who can heal dead frindlies back to life by tapping them for sixty full seconds. Anyone can move a dead friendly player by maintaining physical contact. Medics may not shoot or move while healing a dead player.


A respawn is a designated area that dead players can walk to, tap and come back to life. Players must go all the way to respawn. They cannot start on the way to respawn and stop for any reason before reaching their respawn point.

Rules of Engagement

Try and aim for center mass when at all possible. Blind firing is not allowed, weapons should always be shouldered and players should have the ability to aim down the sights when firing. All weapons must be on semi automatic inside of buildings. Full auto fire is prohibited within fifty feet.


All of the following carry the penalty of expulsion from the field if violated:

  • Any language that is deemed verbally aggressive I.E. threats, slurs, vulgar gestures, condescending language.
  • Any physical aggression or unwanted physical contact. I. E. striking grabbing, shooting outside of gameplay.
  • Theft from private persons or the field.
  • All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. Anyone who becomes a danger to themselves or the field will be ejected form the facility immediately.

All Players are required to sign a digital waiver.  Minors must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Our digital waiver system makes it easy for you. Click HERE.

PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY when coming to and from the Field.  Always keep your airsoft guns in a gun bag and in a safe location.

Grab Some Gear!


2900 Ballahack Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322


(757) 685-3356


9AM - 5PM