Fathers play free June 15-16th!
Fathers play free June 15-16th!

Ballahack Operations: Jungle Fury



Ballahack Operations
Jungle Fury
(Large Scale Force on Force)
July 13th, 2024
(Registration may be cut temporarily on teams to account for balancing.)
(Walk-ons will be permitted but choice of team will not be available to these individuals. Patches will be give to walk-on's while supplies last.)

Experience the ultimate in force-on-force gameplay with the Ballahack Operations event series. This large-scale event is divided into two phases, each lasting 3 hours. Be prepared to stay in the field for the entire phase! This event follows all standard Ballahack rules and features no special restrictions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the game, you won't want to miss this epic event.



Until June 13th: $50.00

After June 13th: $65.00


Registration includes event patch and a raffle ticket for the end of the day (Provided at endex).


July 13th, 2024


Parking Begins


Processing Begins




Phase 1 Start




Phase 2 Start


Game End






REFUNDS: Ballahack Airsoft event tickets are non-refundable unless the event is canceled. 

TRANSFERS: Event tickets are non-transferable.

CAMPING: Camping is not permitted. No RV's, campers, car camping, or tents are permitted.

Refund Policy & Ticket Transfers


Ticket Transfers will be permitted for the year of 2024. Ticket Transfers will be permitted up until a week before an event after which ticket transfers will not be available. Individuals selling tickets for more than the event cost will have their tickets refunded and barred from the event.

To Transfer A Ticket:

  1. Once a customer purchases a ticket, they will receive a ticket notification email with the link to access their ticket. You will need to go to this email.
  2. Click on view your ticket, and you will be sent to your ticket page.
  3. To transfer the ticket you can enter the name and email address of the person to whom the ticket will be transferred then click on"Update Ticket Details."
  4. Once you click on Update Ticket Detail ticket will show that it is no longer valid showing the email address where the ticket was transferred to and when it was transferred. 
  5. All Information applied to the ticket for the new attendee must be accurate and must have all terms agreed upon before arrival to the event. Failure to agree to the terms or provide inaccurate information will delay your processing time.

After this point, your ticket is no longer in your possession. We recommend that you only transfer tickets to people that you know. Ballahack Airsoft will not be involved in 3rd Party Sales, so it is important that ensure that you are buying a ticket from a reputable source.

$65.00 USD

Event Specific Rules


For this event, we will be using Discord for pre-event mission preparation and planning.

Click Here to Join Discord.

Please view the instruction below:

  1. Please edit your server profile to represent your real name (Full First Name and First Letter of Last is acceptable).
  2. Next, send your ticket information via PM on Discord to an Admin to get verified. (Ticket #, Email, & First & Last Name)

Normal Rules

Unless otherwise stated, all standard Ballahack Airsoft rules apply.

Medics & Respawns

Medics will receive a team-specific bandage to heal down players. To heal, wrap the bandage around a limb, wait for 1 minute, unwrap, and the player is back in play.

Each team will have a respawn point with a color flag matching their corresponding armband color. When hit, there is no bleed out. You are permitted to go straight to respawn. Once at respawn, touch your flag and get back to playing!

Objectives & FRAGO(s)

Players will be required to capture nodes, which will have physical flags or markers. Some nodes will be worth more than others depending on their location. During the event, your team may receive additional objectives that require the use of physical props to earn extra points or resources.

Drone Strikes, Mortar Strikes & Smoke Barrage

Certain factions will have access to Drone Strikes, Mortar Strikes, and Smoke Barrages.

Drone Strikes can be used to eliminate all players within a radius of approximately 50 feet, or to target everyone in a building, including friendlies, as well as those within a 5-foot radius of the building. Drone Strikes have unlimited range, and are signified by Air Horn.

Mortar Strikes can be used to eliminate all players within a radius of approximately 50 feet, or to target everyone in a building, including friendlies, as well as those within a 5-foot radius of the building. Mortar Strikes have a limited range based on the location of the physical Mortar Prop, and are signified by Air Horn.

Smoke Barrages can be requested by command staff to help with offensive movements.

Jungle Fury Uniform Recommendation

There are no uniform or kit requirements for this event. Teams are marked via a provided armband day of.

The Following Teams will have the following themes if an attendee so chooses. It is NOT required to play the game, We recommend it to add to the ambiance of the Game.

Verdant Horizon Pact: Uniformed Military Force (Camo)

Obsidian Enclave: Civilian / PMC