• Ballahack Airsoft Field is located at 2900 Ballahack rd. Chesapeake Virginia 23322.




    We have hundreds of players come out every weekend from all over the East Coast.  All players must be at least 10 yrs of age to play.  All players must sign a digital waiver found below on the website.


  • Z II is the second installment of the ultimate zombie apocalypse survival experience. We are creating a mass zombie horde panic experience by setting up a multi-phase scenario that rotates survivors into zombie role-player roles for a small portion of the event and offering free all-day zombie role-player positions. A survivor will be required to be a zombie for two hours of the event, while slaying zombies for five hours of the rest of the event.

    SURVIVORS: There are only 400 Survivor Slots available for Z. These survivors will be split into two groups (Survivor Group A and Survivor Group B) on-site the day of the event.

    Pre-registration before February 24th: $60
    Pre-registration from February 24th – March 16th: $70
    Pre-registration from March 17th – Walk-on: $80

    Survivor Registration includes a Custom PVC Z Patch, free water all day, and a raffle ticket for the Raffle.

    ALL DAY ZOMBIES: There are 350 All Day Zombie slots available at no charge. This is for players who want to be a part of the event without paying and like the idea of creating panic for human players and experiencing something different in airsoft. This role does not allow weapons.

    All Day Zombie Registration includes A Custom PVC Z Patch, free water all day, a raffle ticket for the Raffle, and a FREE Ballahack Gameplay Card.

    CAMPING: Camping onsite is allowed Friday and Saturday Night at the Field but not Sunday night. All campers must have their equipment cleaned up and back at their vehicles by 7:30 AM.


    This event will only allow PISTOLS, SHOTGUNS, and BOLT-ACTION RIFLES that are shooting under 1.49 joules regardless of weight bb used. We have limited weapon use to these class of guns to ensure we can create the quality experience we desire to give the player as well as protect Zombie Role-Players.

    There will be NO FULL AUTO at this event.

    PISTOLS: Your pistol must be what is widely considered as a pistol. It cannot be considered and SMG (Sub-Machine Gun). Pistols CANNOT have stocks on them for this event. A pistol is allowed to have full-auto capability but CANNOT be used on full-auto.

    -Gas Blowback Pistols will be chronoed with .20 gram bbs and must be under 1.49 joules (400 fps with .20s).
    – Gas Non-Blowback Pistols will be chronoed with .40 gram bbs to account for possible joule creep and must be under 1.49 joules (283 fps with .40s).
    -AEPs (Airsoft Electric Pistols) / Springer Pistols will be chronoed with .20 gram bbs and must be under 1.49 joules (400 fps with .20s).

    SHOTGUNS: Shotguns must be used in semi-auto or single pump settings. A shotgun can have full-auto capability but CANNOT be used on full-auto.
    -Spring Powered Shotguns will be chronoed with .20 gram bbs and must be under 1.49 joules (400 fps with .20s).
    -Gas Powered Shotguns will be chronoed with .40 gram bbs to account for possible joule creep and must be under 1.49 joules (283 fps with .40s).

    BOLT ACTION / LEVER ACTION RIFLES: A bolt action or lever action rifle must only be able to fire one round at a time. Scopes are allowed to be used.
    -ALL BOLT ACTION /LEVER ACTION RIFLES will be chronoed with .40 gram bbs to account for possible joule creep and must be under 1.49 joules (283 fps with .40s). NO ACCEPTIONS!


    -TO BE CLEAR: No AEGs, SMGs, LMGs, MMGs, or Rifles (Apart from Bolt Action or Lever Action) can be used at this event.
    -No winding high capacity magazines
    -No Melee weapons
    -No smoke or pyrotechnics
    -No Grenade Launchers / 203 grenades
    -No knives, blades, crow bars, axes, etc.

    Thunder Bs, Tornados, and other non-pyro grenades will be allowed.


    -Eye Protection- All eye protection must be full seal, be rated to ANSI Z87.1 and have retention behind the head. Mesh goggles are not allowed unless another form of eye protection is worn underneath.
    -Age Restrictions:
    18+ can wear just full seal glasses with retention; however full face protection is still recommended. Lower face protection is strongly encouraged.
    16 and 17 year olds must wear full seal goggles, they must also wear lower mesh or hard plastic that covers the lower face.
    12, 13, 14,and 15 year olds must wear full seal goggles and mesh or hard plastic lower face protection that covers the lower face and ears or a full face paintball styled mask.
    10-11 year olds must wear a full paintball mask.

    1. PHASE ONE:
    Phase One is two hours long. In phase one Group A Survivors will be the only ones with weapons and will be fighting Group B (Roleplaying as zombies) and the permanent voluntary Zombie Group. This is how we will achieve the overwhelming zombie horde effect. Players in Group A will be tasked with collecting supplies to ultimately build and power Safe House Bunkers while attempting to fight off zombies.

    1. PHASE TWO:
    Phase Two is two hours long. In phase one Group B Survivors will be the only ones with weapons and will be fighting Group A (Roleplaying as zombies) and the permanent voluntary Zombie Group. This is how we will achieve the overwhelming zombie horde effect. Players in Group A will be tasked with collecting supplies to ultimately build and power Safe House Bunkers while attempting to fight off zombies.

    Phase Three is three hours long. In phase three Group A Survivors and Group B survivors will have weapons and will be fighting each other and the permanent voluntary Zombie Group. Both Groups will be tasked will final activation and control of Safe House Bunkers of which there are only enough to support half of the survivors. For final “survival victory” a player must be inside a Safe House Bunker that is activated at Endex.


    Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are present in order to maintain a safe and fun environment. Disobeying, disrespecting and/or arguing with a marshal is strictly prohibited. Field marshals must be informed of any violations of field or game rules. FIELD MARSHALS MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY FIELD EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.

    Human survivors are not fighting each other during Phases One and Two. Friendly fire will not count unless both friendly’s are engaging each other. During Phase Three if a survivor hits an enemy team survivor anywhere on their body or gear that player is dead or wounded. Gun hits and ricochets do not count. The downed player can either wait to be bandaged or return to their respawn.
    Players are encouraged to aim center mass and avoid head shots when engaging zombies. When a zombie gets hit they are to drop to the ground. A zombie cannot be shot while on the ground. A downed zombie has the choice to wait one minute on the ground and then re-animate as a live zombie by standing up with their dead rag put away, or to hold their dead rag in the air, stand up, and return to spawn. A zombie without a dead rag while standing up is considered a live zombie and can be shot.
    Zombies kill humans by… (We’ll let you know, but we can say it’s essentially a flag football styled system)


    3. MEDICS:
    There are no classical medics at Z. During Phases One and Two there will be no use of medical supplies. During Phase Three a medic bandage can be used on a human survivor that has been shot by the opposing survivor team. The bandage must be fully wrapped around a wounded players limb, the “medic” must then apply pressure to the bandage area for thirty seconds before removing the bandage. Once the bandage is off, the wounded player is now healed.

    4. RESPAWNS:
    Human Survivors will have a single fixed respawn point during each of the three phases. During Phase Three Survivor Group A and Survivor Group B will have separate respawns. Respawns are instantaneous and players are invincible while touching their spawn point. Zombies cannot go with 100 ft of a human respawn.
    Zombie Role-Players will have multiple respawn points during each phase. If a Zombie chooses to not re-animate and go to a spawn point they must continue to a spawn point. Zombies are invincible at their spawns and cannot be fired upon.

    5. Chrono and Minimum Engagement Distances:
    All players must have marshals chronograph every weapon they use before entering gameplay. If ANY WEAPON fires 1 fps over the previously stated limit of 1.49 joules out of 5 shots the weapon will be DENIED. (PLEASE KNOW YOUR GUN, we do not like denying players but will for the safety of others)
    – There is NO minimum engagement distance for weapons under 1.49 joules.

    Zombies are not to have significant physical contact with other players. Situational awareness is imperative as to not step on inevitable dead bodies all over the place.

    Zombies will be led by Zombie Role-player Admins. Zombies must follow general instructions given by said Admin.

    Aggression Levels: Zombies will have four levels of aggression, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green.

    Level Red: Red means zombies are essentially a slow moving, non-aggressive, “walking dead” zombie. The only threat they pose is in large numbers.

    Level Orange: Orange means a faster paced hobble walking zombie. These zombies might kill the unaware or out of ammo survivor. A human can still outrun them.

    Level Yellow: Yellow means a half fast walking / stumbling running zombie. It would be difficult for a human to outrun multiple Level Yellow Zombies. They’re also smarter and can predict where you’re going to cut you off.

    Level Green: Green means GO! Level Green Zombies have a blood lust that will not stop them from sprinting, jumping, and climbing for their prey. We’re talking “28 Days Later” or “World War Z” (The Movie) Zombies. God help you all.

    Levels may be activated for the entire zombie horde simultaneously or randomly given to individual zombies to keep survivors on their feet the entire time.

    Atmosphere and Attitude


    Survivors: To create an immersive environment we are encouraging players to dress as civilian survivors. Plate carriers and chest rigs are allowed as is camouflage but please do not try to look like a full blown DEVCAGSIXRANGER operator. Try to look like a civilian who has acquired gear off bodies.

    Zombies: Please attempt to wear neutral colors as much as possible. Avoid bright colors. Plate carriers are allowed to help with round protection but are discouraged. No weapons of any kind are allowed for zombies or for survivors during their zombie role-playing phase. If you want to go all out with makeup and fake blood then you’re awesome!

    Z is a unique experience. It requires everyone involved to see the bigger picture of creating an incredible experience you can’t get anywhere else. There are many trying situations that might arise from this game however all players are expected to comport themselves in a mature, friendly manner, even when the game gets intense. Any instances of verbal or physical aggression are grounds for immediate banning from the field.



Ballahack Airsoft Field is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm for gameplay. All day admission is $30. Rentals are $30. We have a fully stocked proshop on-site in addition to Ballahack Outdoor in Greenbrier.

Elite Force Legends Smoke Wagon

Its overall build quality is unmistakable. The finish, the look of the grips, the fit and feel and its weight are reminiscent of the original single action six shooter of 1872. While this one slings six millimeter airsoft BBs instead of lead, the Legends Smoke Wagon is an authentic six shooter right down to its individual ejecting metal shells.The iconic persona of the single action six shooter has been faithfully captured .


airsoft gun tech service virginia hampton roads ballahack
  • Ballahack Airsoft and Ballahack Outdoor offers a quality gun tech service that doesn’t break the bank and keeps you in the fight. Simply bring your Airsoft Gun to Ballahack Outdoor in a gun bag or box, check in with one of our friendly staff, and they will be able to process your gun in and get it to the Tech for repair. For now, we are doing repairs only. Upgrade services will follow soon! Prices are as follows:
    Gearbox work: $50+ replacement parts, includes a cleaning and re-grease, re-shim, and AOE correction.
    Barrel and Hopup Repair/Replacement: $15 install fee + cost of parts, or free install with the purchase of a new barrel and/or hopup.
    Mosfet Install: $50 Customer provides Mosfet.
    Miscellanous Work: $15 per hour + cost of parts if needed.
    Connector Relpacement/Swap: $15
    We offer a 30 day warranty on all work done using our parts. Repairs can take up to 7 days depending on volume.

    Ballahack Outdoor is located next to Target in Greenbrier at 1320 Greenbrier Parkway Chesapeake Virginia 23323. The phone number is 757-436-0000

Airsoft Rifles

Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft Magazines

Eye / Face Protection

Airsoft External Parts

Airsoft Batteries

Airsoft BBs

Airsoft Internal Parts

All players must have a digital waiver on file before entering gameplay.


Open every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM – 5:00PM Rain or Shine!

Standard Admission – $25 ($30 starting February 2nd)

Rental Package – $30

Ages 10 and up.

Ballahack is a fun, exciting, safe time for everyone ages 10 and up!

 – My son had his first experience this weekend, and absolutely loved it! All the staff were so patient with our questions. It was organized, safety was their number one concern and the staff were very trustworthy and knowledgeable. He looks forward to being a continued part of your community! Thank you for the great experience!

 – Wish I had discovered this place sooner; anything and everything is done to couple the best airsoft experience with rules and safety. super legit, these guys are top notch. also, such a plus that pictures are taken every day so you can look back at your time there

 – Place is outstanding!!!! My 1st ever game was on March 5th!! and i enjoyed every moment of it! now i am hooked!!! As well as my step-son, now we have a weekend thing we can go do! Cheers! Two Thumbs UP!!! WAYYYYY UPP!!!!!


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