Fathers play free June 15-16th!
Fathers play free June 15-16th!


To maintain a safe environment, every participant must possess a barrel bag that has been approved for field use. This ensures that BBs remain contained within the barrel during activities in non-firing zones. It is strictly prohibited for players to remove their eye protection while on the field, regardless of the situation. In the event of fogged eyewear, players must promptly proceed back to the designated non-firing zone for defogging.


Eye Protection:

All eye protection must be fully sealed (Rubber, Plastic, or Foam), be rated to resist impacts (ANSI Z87 +), and have retention that keeps the eye protection tight to your face. The gasket must fully seal to your face to qualify for field use. Gaskets must be designed for the eye pro from the factory. Mesh goggles are not allowed unless another form of eye protection is worn underneath I.E. Shop glasses.



Age Restrictions:

Ages 10-11 – must wear a full-face paintball mask

Ages 12-15 – may wear full-face paintball mask, or full seal goggles and mesh or hard plastic lower face protection that covers the nose, mouth, and ears.

Ages 16-17 – must wear full seal goggles and lower mesh or hard plastic that covers the nose and mouth.

Ages 18+ – can wear just full seal glasses with retention; however full face protection is still recommended.


Feet Per Second Limitations

All weapons are chronographed with either .20 gram, .40 gram, or .45 gram bbs at the Field’s discretion.  HPA and Gas rifles must be chronographed with .40 gram bbs to account for joule creep and remain under the joule limit. HPA guns are subject to having Tournament Locks applied to their regulators. BINARY TRIGGERS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Pistols / Shotguns:

Must be under 400 FPS w.20s or 1.49j

(0) ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on Full)

For Pistol Carbines, see Regulations for SMGs/Rifles.

SMGs / Rifles / LMGs:

Must be under 420 FPS w/.20s or 1.64 j
(25ft MED if between 401-420 FPS) on semi / 50 ft MED on Full)

Qualifying DMRs(semi locked):

Must be under 475 FPS w/ .20s or 2.09j
(50ft MED)

Qualifying MMGs:

Must be under 475 FPS w/.20s or 2.09j
(75ft MED)

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles:

Must be under 388 FPS w/.40s or 2.81j
(75ft MED)

Grenade Shower Shells:

Taggin & Airsoft Innovations 40Mike products are prohibited

(25ft MED)


No weapon may shoot over 25 rounds per second


If your weapon shoots within a lower energy category it will have the lower MED for that category.



16" Overall Barrel Length Including Flash Hider, OR ~14.5" barrel before mock suppressor.

Examples of qualifying 7.62 NATO or higher DMR replicas:

SR25, PSG1, G3A3/G3A4/G3SG1, Dragunov (AEG or HPA), G28/HK417, SCAR-H SSR/Mk20, M14/EBR


Replicas which do not qualify as DMRs:
M16, MK12 SPR, G3SAS/MC51, VSS/VAL, SCAR-L, Ruger 10/22, SCAR-H CQB


Examples of qualifying 7.62 NATO or higher MMG replicas:

PKM, BAR, M1919, MG42, M60, M240, Mk48, HK21, M134 Minigun


Replicas which do not qualify as MMGs:

M249/SAW, Stoner LMG, RPK, RPD, M27 IAR, MG36, L86 LSW, Shrike/Krytac LMG, Microgun



(10/14/23) All Players are expected to attend briefs for games in which they intend to play. Regardless of being ready to play in the moment, if your intentions are to play the game you must attend the briefing. This ensures that Fun and balanced Gameplay can occur. Failure to attend the briefing will bar you from playing, and you will need to wait until the next game.

No Fire Zones:

The no fire zone is comprised of the parking lot, staging area, and Pro-Shop. All airsoft guns will have their magazines removed, chambers empty, and barrel bags on BEFORE entering the No Fire Zone. Before leaving the No Fire Zone and entering The Field, players must have all of their age appropriate eye & face protection on. Players may not remove their eye & face protection on The Field, or they will be removed from gameplay.


All boundaries are clearly marked with yellow caution tape. Do not cross outside of or shoot through the yellow caution tape. There is a large three story white house on the property. Stay 50 feet away from the white house at all times.


There is wildlife on The Field, including turtles, squirrels, & snakes. Do not interact with the wildlife. If you see wildlife in a populated area, call for a marshal.

Field Buildings, Obstacles, & Props:

There are many buildings on The Field, some of them two or three story. Do not treat The Field like a parkour course, be smart so as to not injure yourself or someone else. Do not climb buildings, try to rappel off of the second floor, etc. There are also many props, vehicles, & lights on The Field. Do not break, move, or shoot any of the aforementioned objects, unless specifically told it is in play for a specific game.

Lost & Found, & Grenades:

We heavily reccomend that all players label their items. If you lose something, all lost items are turned into the checkout counter, which has a Lost & Found box. If you find something that does not belong to you, please turn it in to a Field Marshal or the staff at the checkout counter. DO NOT pick up airsoft grenades unless you are the thrower. Only the thrower of airsoft grenades may pick them up.

Prohibited Items:

Firearms and Live Ammunition, Any blade longer than 4 inches, Mace, Pepper Spray or any other nonlethal weapon, Improvised airsoft grenades, Pyrotechnic devices (Excluding Enola Gaye EG25 & WP40), Potato guns or any compressed air launcher, Riot shields or ballistic shields. No alcohol or drugs are allowed to be consumed on the property. Any player thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave for the day.

Field Marshals:

Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are here to give players a fun safe time. Please be respectful and comply with all requests from Marshals. Marshals must be informed of any gameplay problems and real world emergencies. If there is a rule infraction situation, Field Marshals may ask you for your name, call you out as dead, send you back to respawn, OR sit you out for the game or the day depending on the infraction.


We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for Verbal and physical aggression. If you feel heated or upset about Airsoft, that would be the time to walk off the field, cool off, and bring any issues you have up to Field Staff.


Please keep your language to a PG rating at all times. We are cultivating a family-friendly environment, and need your help to do so.

Blind Man, Real Life Situation:

If there is a serious situation (Life, Limb, or Eye Threatening), the call to stop gameplay is BLIND MAN. After hearing BLIND MAN, stop playing Airsoft, echo the BLIND MAN call, and wait where you are for The Field Staff to assess & handle the situation. Unless you have professional medical training, PLEASE stay where you are for any Blind Man situations. After BLIND MAN has been called, gameplay will resume with a "GAME ON" call.

Hit Calling:

Airsoft is an honor sport, the game hinges on the integrity of the players. A hit ANYWHERE to the body or gear of a player counts as a hit. Ricochets do not count, nor do gun hits, or friendly fire. WHEN IN DOUBT, CALL IT OUT. If you aren't sure whether the Hit was legitimate, call it out anyway. It is better to be cautious than not to call a legitimate Hit. When hit, a player should yell “HIT” as loud as possible, raise their dead rag, and assume a nonthreatening position (Take a knee, sit down, lie down). Dead players may not talk, or communicate in any fashion with other players.

Dead Man Walking:

If you are dead, but sitting in the middle of an active firefight, you may say "DEAD MAN WALKING" & move out of the way of that firefight until it is over. Once the firefight subsides, you may go back to where you were initially Hit.

Dead Rags:

All players MUST carry two dead rags (HIGH VIS RED, ORANGE, PINK, YELLOW, GREEN) on them at all times and store them in two separate locations.  This rule ensures that if one dead rag is lost the player will not create confusion being “dead” without an available dead rag for their head. DO NOT wear RED head coverings as this can be confusing while you are alive.
Dead Rags will be no smaller than 12" x 12".

Respawn and Medics:

A respawn is a designated area that dead players can walk to, tap and come back to life. Players must go all the way to respawn. They cannot start on the way to respawn and stop for any reason before reaching their respawn point. Medics are designated players who can heal dead frindlies back to life by tapping them for sixty full seconds. Anyone can move a dead friendly player by maintaining physical contact. Medics may not shoot or move while healing a dead player. Medics may only healy dead friendlies on the first floors of buildings unless otherwise briefed.

Rules of Engagement:

Try and aim for center mass when at all possible. Blind firing is not allowed, weapons should always be shouldered and players should have the ability to aim down the sights when firing. All weapons must be on semi automatic inside of buildings. Full auto fire is prohibited within fifty feet. Don’t shoot through small holes or cracks; if your head can fit through the opening, you can shoot through the opening.


Every time you come to The Field, you must get your gun chronoed, even if you've been chronoed before. If you play both days in a weekend, you msut get your gun chronoed Saturday AND Sunday.


When you come out to play Airsoft, attitude is super important. If you have a bad attitude, you will likely have a bad time. Give other players the benefit of the doubt, and remember we are all out playing BB wars in the woods with our friends!

That being said, all of the following carries the penalty of expulsion from the field if violated:

  1. Any language that is deemed verbally aggressive I.E. threats, slurs, vulgar gestures, condescending language.
  2. Any physical aggression or unwanted physical contact. I. E. striking grabbing, shooting outside of gameplay.
  3. Theft from private persons or the field.
  4. All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. It is strictly prohibited for any participant to engage in bullying or demeaning behavior towards another participant at any time.
  5. Anyone who becomes a danger to themselves or the field will be ejected from the facility immediately.


At Ballahack Airsoft, all players with an active signed waiver are permitted to capture photos or videos on the field, unless otherwise directed. When capturing photos or videos, the following subjects are prohibited and could result in ejection from the facility and up to a permanent ban.


  • Unsafe/Dangerous Activities
  • Misuse of equipment
  • Breaches of rules/regulations
  • Profanity
  • Hate Speech/Hate Symbols
  • Condescending Language
  • Anything that would/could publicly humiliate others
  • Illegal Activities
  • Anything considered inappropriate/nudity

STAGING ACTIVITIES: It is okay to film something that is staged if it is in good faith, is not replicating something that is against our rules/regulations, is not designed to trick the viewer, does not go against our prohibited content policy, and is not interrupting or taking away from the flow of gameplay.

FOLLOWING THE RULES: All players are expected to follow Ballahack Airsoft's field rules, and if in a video, a player is captured not following field regulations, corrective action can be taken up to and including revoking the privilege of filming at Ballahack Airsoft, or a permanent ban.

EXPLOITING OTHERS: Players who sign this waiver and film their gameplay experience are expected to not harass or damage the experience of other players for the sake of content creation.

When coming to Ballahack Airsoft, there is an expectation that players will pay the admission fees to take part in the Airsoft experience that we provide. If ANY player is found to have not paid the admission fees but has played on the field, they will be sent home and permanently banned from our facilities


At Ballahack Airsoft, we believe in creating an inclusive environment that is safe for all of our customers, which includes players as young as ten years of age. The following items will not be permitted at Ballahack Airsoft Field or Ballahack Airsoft Armory:

  1. Any clothing, patches, or stickers exhibiting hate symbols, such as the Swastika, SS Bolts, or other Nazi symbology. WWII-era German guns & equipment will be permitted, but only sanitized of any historically charged symbols.
  2. Any clothing, patches, or stickers exhibiting excessive profanity. 
  3. Any clothing, patches, or stickers exhibiting sexually explicit content.

All Players are required to sign a digital waiver.  Minors must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Our digital waiver system makes it easy for you. Click HERE.

PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY when coming to and from the Field.  Always keep your airsoft guns in a gun bag and in a safe location.