Fathers play free June 15-16th!
Fathers play free June 15-16th!


Our weekly gameplay sessions are a popular choice among enthusiasts, attracting more than hundreds of participants. Whether you have honed your skills as a MILSIM veteran or are just starting as a weekend warrior, our offerings cater to all levels of expertise. Our versatile field features diverse elements like wooded areas, micro terrain, captivating swamps, and dynamic urban MOUT setups. Feel free to join us individually or bring along a friend - either way, we guarantee an enjoyable time filled with adventure and fun!


Every year, our organization hosts numerous events, attracting a considerable number of participants. On certain occasions, we have successfully accommodated over 1200 players. These players come from all corners of the United States and countries abroad, reaffirming the nationwide appeal of our events. For individuals seeking an immersive community, we offer a perfect environment to immerse yourself in. Join us and experience the best!

What We're About

The essence of Ballahack lies in the pursuit of enjoyment and thrill. We are constantly striving to offer you an escape from the mundane and mundane aspects of life. Every weekend, our team puts in their utmost efforts to craft an exhilarating adventure for our community, ensuring that you have fascinating tales to share each day.

Virginia Beach Store

Come on down to Ballahack Tactical, our store in Virginia Beach! Our dedicated team will ensure that you are equipped with the right gear to kickstart your thrilling adventure. Conveniently located just east of the town center on Virginia Beach Blvd, we're ready to ignite your passion.

3229 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach VA ,23452