Fathers play free June 15-16th!
Fathers play free June 15-16th!
Ballahack Milsim Series: Hidden Archer
This event is 18 years or older.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Each attendee must fill out the event waiver.

NOTE ON BLANK FIRE: This event will be utilizing blank fire guns for environmental and immersive purposes. Participants are not allowed to bring their own blank firing guns nor will they be allowed to handle ANY BF weapon at any point during the event. Keep in mind that blank fire is very loud and participants should be prepared for this.

INTENT: This is an event designed to challenge its participants through training, role-playing environments, and military simulation evolutions in a safe and organized environment utilizing airsoft replicas.  The primary focus for Blufor will be on unit cohesion, tactics, and communication.  The OPFOR element will be present to provide a force on force aspect to the game and to make the event a challenge for BLUFOR participants. 




Players will arrive at Ballahack Airsoft Field on Sunday February 26th at 7AM. 

BLUEFOR is divided into THREE platoons with a maximum of 20 players per platoon.  Each platoon is divided into two squads with a maximum of 10 players per squad.  

ADMIN Personnel: 

  • BLUFOR command consists of a CO, Three Platoon Leaders, and Three Platoon Sergeants. 
  • Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants will be responsible for their men at their teams respective FOBs, during transit to and from other sites, and while on-site at any given location.
  • There will be 2-3 OPFOR admins to coordinate OPFOR personnel and handle any issues.

  • BLUFOR –

    60 + ADMIN

    3 platoons / 2 squads per platoon / 10 pax per squad

    OPFOR –

    20-30 PAX

    Event Timeline: 

    Sunday FEB 26th: Operation. (ALL PARTICIPANTS)

    February 26th 2023

      Day 1

    Parking Begins


    Processing Begins




    Game Start


    Game End


    BLUEFOR Kit Requirements: Your kit will be inspected at processing. Full Multicam uniform required. Plate Carrier/Helmet & Chest Rig strongly suggested (you MUST have one or the other). Gear color does not need to match. No black clothing or gear. (See Kit List for more details.)

    BLUFOR Weapon Restrictions:  There are three types of tickets available: Rifleman, Machine Gunner, and DMR/Sniper.  There are four each of Machine Gunner & DMR/Sniper slots available per platoon. Machine Gunners & DMR/Snipers MUST have either a pistol or PDW.  (See Kit List for more details.)

    – Modern NATO styled weapons only. (See weapon list below)
    – No full auto is allowed within 50 ft.
    – All magazines with the exception of LMGs/MMGs must be mid capacity or lower.
    – Ammunition will be issued prior to the start of the event. Ammo compliment will mirror your role YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO USE OR BRING AMMO OF YOUR OWN

    • LMG’s: 1500 rds
    • MMG’s 3000 rds
    • Marksmen: 250 rds

    – All weapons must be chronoed and pass according to the standard Ballahack Airsoft

    Chrono Rules found on Ballahack Airsoft’s website under safety/regulations. ALL MEDs (Minimum engagement distances) will be enforced according to your replicas joule limit and weapon class (i.e. DMR, MMG, Sniper, etc.).

    BLUFOR Weapon List: Below is a list of acceptable replicas for BLUEFOR. 

    Rifleman: M16 variants, M4 variants, HK416, SCAR variants, G36 variants, G3 variants, MP5 variants, MP7, FAL variants, M14 variants, UMP45, SIG rifle varients, L85s, AUGs

    Machine Gunner: M249 variants, M240 variants, MK46, M60, Stoner 96, M27 IAR

    Sniper Rifles: M24, M40, M700, L96, VSR10

    DMRs: M14, SR25, M110, HK417, G3 variants, SCAR H variants, M14 variants, FAL variants

    Pistols: 1911, M9, SIG variants, GLOCK variants, CZ variants, USP40/45, MK23

    BLUFOR Kit List: Below is a list of minimum required items you MUST bring followed by strongly suggested items for this event.

    Required items:

      • Full seal eye protection that is ANSI rated to Z87.1-1989 standards and has retention behind the head.  Eye protection must have factory-built rubber or foam that fully cups the face and eyes.  (standard eye pro with an added seal insertion kit is prohibited (i.e. M-frames with helo kits).
      • Combat Uniform in Multicam pattern that includes top and bottoms with a belt. No black clothing.
      • Boots or Trail Running Shoes.  We strongly suggest that your footwear can drain easily as it is very likely they will get wet.
      • Some form of hydration carrier.  Suggested Camelbak or Ice plate but at minimum a canteen.  (Water will be provided for you at the FOB but you will be responsible for your hydration while on a mission or at another AO.)
      • Plate Carrier AND/OR Chest Rig. all BLUFOR members must have a plate carrier OR a Chest Rig/Tactical Vest with the ability to carry a minimum of three magazines. No black gear.
      • Helmet.  Though all missions will not require the use of a helmet some might. Helmets are not required but encouraged.  No black gear.
      • Mid/Low Capacity Magazines.  You are restricted to mid cap magazines for all weapons excluding LMG and MMG’s.
      • Two Batteries or Extra Gas.  Though the Field will have batteries, gas, and HPA fills for sale at the FOB YOU must insure that you are ready for each mission and that you will be useful for your team. (If you are not ready for a mission you will be left at the FOB for that mission.)
      • Primary Replica.  For the sake of immersion your primary replica cannot be a soviet styled weapon.  Your replica must be a modern NATO styled weapon.  All replicas must adhere to the Ballahack Airsoft joule limits and MEDs within those limits found on Ballahackairoft.com under safety/regulations.  
      • Food for a day: Bring enough food and sustainment gear to provide yourself for the duration of the event (7 hours continuous). There will not be available concessions.
  • Picture ID.  All attendees must have a valid picture ID on them at all times.
  • Medical Card.  During processing all attendees will be given a medical card to fill out.  Attendees must fill out the medical card and keep it on their person for the remainder of the event.

  • BLUFOR Suggested Kit List: The following items are suggested but not required for this event.

    Suggested Items:

  • Lower Face Pro/ Mouth Guard.  Although it is not required we strongly suggest the use of mesh lower face protection or a mouth guard.  You are responsible for the risk of your teeth.  (Full face paintball styled or army of two styled masks are prohibited.)
  • Cold Weather/Wet Weather Gear In Multicam or Coyote Brown
  • Gloves.
  • Weapon Sling
  • Backup Primary Weapon
  • Dump Pouch
  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Dry Bag
  • x 2 MREs
  • Food Bars/ Snacks

  • PROHIBITED ITEMS: The following are items you cannot bring to this event.

  • No real firearms or blank-firing weapons
  • No illicit Drugs or Alcohol
  • No smoke grenades or pyrotechnics
  • No blades longer than 4 inches
  • No improvised airsoft weapons

  • Op Specific Ruleset: All standard rules for Ballahack Airsoft apply with the exception of these specific rules.  (You must fully read and understand all standard rules to attend this event.)

  • All Ballahack Command Staff Have Final Say:  There are no marshals for this event.  Your command staff (or admin role-player staff) is responsible for ensuring you follow the event rules and have a fun and safe time.  If one of your commanders determines you are compromising your safety or another’s safety or experience, they have the right to eject you from the event with no refund.
      • EYE PROTECTION:  At 1000 hours all eye protection must stay on until Op ENDEX.  You are to assume that nowhere is safe.  The FOB itself and the parking area are considered “in-play”.  You may not remove your eye protection at any point unless you are in one of the designated safe area briefing zones.  Players who are found removing their eye protection will be ejected from the event without refund.
      • Your replica must meet required joule limits:  If your replica does not meet the appropriate joules limits you may be denied participation.  It is your responsibility to know the rules set and adhere to it.
      • No weapon can be fired on full auto within 50 ft.
  • HIT CALLING: Anywhere on your body or gear counts as a hit.  Gun hits and ricochets do not count.  When you are hit you are to scream and fall down ACT IT OUT.  At this point you are considered wounded.  You may not talk until you are actively receiving medical aid.  Your body is lifeless and you are dead weight.  To be moved to a medic you must be dragged or carried.
  • COMBAT INEFFECTIVE / DEAD:  If a member of the Ballahack Command Staff deems their squad or platoon as “combat ineffective” they have the authority to order their squad/platoon back to their Primary FOB whether the players are dead or alive.  All players must follow these orders. 
    • MOVING DOWN PLAYERS: WHEN a player is shot, they MAY NOT move under their own power. Friendly players must do an assisted move, such as dragging or having the shot player lean on the live player.
  • BLINDMAN: If there is any type of emergency all players in the AO are to stop fighting, stay where they are, and repeat “blindman”.  Once the situation is resolved Command staff will give the call “Game on” before you can move or continue fighting.
  • RESTRAINT RULES: During certain missions, there may be certain opportunities to restrain a role-player or player. The ONLY restraints that will be permitted are ASP RED TRAINING restraints that DO NOT lock that will be issued by Command Staff. DO NOT restrain ANY player or role-player with real restraints or hand cuffs. If you are restraining a player or role-player, ONLY attach restraints with their hands in front of their torso.
  • SEARCHING RULES:  Some situations may require you to search ‘dead’ bodies. If a player being searched identifies an item as a personal item, said personal item MAY NOT be taken from their person. Before conducting a physical search, you MUST ask for consent. 
  • IF a player DOES consent to a physical search, you may physically check their pockets, bag, load bearing equipment, or other means of carrying items. You MAY NOT remove primary items of clothing (shirt, pants, etc.), reach under primary items of clothing, or take personal items (cell phone, ID, medical card, etc.). You may take photos of any gameplay intel or gameplay items, and you may physically take any gameplay intel or gameplay items. If a player does NOT consent, or during your physical search they retract consent, stop and proceed to point 2 below.
  • If a player DOES NOT consent to physical search, or during a physical search they RETRACT consent, then the searching player will ask them for access to items/areas on their person that they wish to inspect. The player being searched MUST offer any gameplay intel or gameplay items to the searching player if the searching player requests access to where the intel/items are stored.
  • GENERAL CONDUCT:  Be a good human being.  Any verbal or physical aggression is strictly prohibited and will result in ejection from the event without refund.  Any arguing with or disobeying commands from Ballahack Command Staff will result in ejection from the event without refund.  Come with a positive attitude and be the bigger person in any situation.  If you do not know you can do this then do not register for this event.

  • WAIVER:  All Registering Participants MUST Sign the Ballahack Airsoft Field Digital Waiver found HERE


      Medic Rules will be different from regular gameplay, with different actions being required based on a set of cards issued to medics at the start of the game.

    1: Bleed out is 5 minutes for all players If bled out/cannot be healed, return to Company CCP and wait for 5 minutes. The player must then move to rejoin their platoon.

    2: Buddy aid: Upon being shot for the first time anyone can receive buddy aid. Buddy aid is given in the form of a tourniquet issued at the start of the game. The TQ must be fully applied to an arm and fastened for the action to be complete.

    If a player wearing 1 TQ is shot, they will require a Medic. Upon a medic arriving to give aid to a downed player they will then have to interact with the causality card system. There are 3 main cards that a medic will encounter.

    Tier 1: Medic will administer a medic water bottle to the down player. Once the player has consumed the bottle they will return it to the medic, remove the TQ, and carry on alive.

    Tier 2: Medic will apply a pressure bandage to the downed player, they will apply pressure for the amount of time stated on the card. They will then remove the bandage and the TQ. The player is then alive.

    Tier 3: Medic will have to both apply a bandage for the card’s stated time THEN the downed player must consume a water bottle. These actions must be done in sequence and not simultaneously.