First Timers Play Free 7/20 or 7/21, $25 Friday Night Games Weekly
First Timers Play Free 7/20 or 7/21, $25 Friday Night Games Weekly
Operation Majestic
This event is 15 years or older.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Each attendee must fill out the event waiver.



  • TF Majestic (Tan)
  • The Syndicate (Green)

Players will arrive at Ballahack Airsoft Field on Saturday September 23rd at 8AM. 

Teams are divided into THREE platoons with a maximum of 50 players per platoon. 

ADMIN Personnel: 

  •  command consists of a CO, Three Platoon Leaders, and Three Platoon Sergeants. 
  • Platoon Leaders and Platoon Sergeants will be responsible for their men.

TF Majestic (Tan) –

150 + ADMIN

3 platoons 

The Syndicate (Green) –

150+ Admin

Event Timeline: 

Sat Sep 23th: Operation. (ALL PARTICIPANTS)

Sep 23rd 2023

  Day 1

Parking Begins


Processing Begins




Game Start


Game End


TF Majestic (Tan)  Kit Requirements: Your kit will be inspected at processing. HEADGEAR MUST BE TEAM COLOR DOMINANT. Tan Based Uniform is required. Gear Color Dose not Matter so long as it is not black.

The Syndicate (Green)  Kit Requirements: Your kit will be inspected at processing. HEADGEAR MUST BE TEAM COLOR DOMINANT. Green Based Uniform is required. Gear Color Dose not Matter so long as it is not black.


(No black uniforms, NO ACU/ABU uniform, no civilian (jeans/plaid))

Event Weapon Restrictions:  There are two types of tickets available: Rifleman and Machine Gunner. There are five each of Machine Gunner slots available per platoon.

– No full auto is allowed within 50 ft.
All magazines with the exception of LMGs/MMGs must be mid capacity or lower.
– Ammunition will be issued prior to the start of the event. Ammo compliment will mirror your role YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO USE OR BRING AMMO OF YOUR OWN

  • LMG’s: 1500 rds
  • MMG’s 3000 rds

– All weapons must be chronoed and pass according to the standard Ballahack Airsoft


Chrono Rules found on Ballahack Airsoft’s website under safety/regulations. ALL MEDs (Minimum engagement distances) will be enforced according to your replicas joule limit and weapon class (i.e. DMR, MMG, Sniper, etc.).


Kit List: Below is a list of minimum required items you MUST bring followed by strongly suggested items for this event.



Required items:

  • Full seal eye protection that is ANSI rated to Z87.1-1989 standards and has retention behind the head.  Eye protection must have factory-built rubber or foam that fully cups the face and eyes.  (standard eye pro with an added seal insertion kit is prohibited (i.e. M-frames with helo kits).
  • Combat Uniform in team color/ pattern that includes top and bottoms with a belt. (No black uniforms, NO ACU/ABU uniform, no civilian (jeans/plaid))
  • Boots or Trail Running Shoes.  We strongly suggest that your footwear can drain easily as it is very likely they will get wet.
  • Some form of hydration carrier.  Suggested Camelbak or Ice plate but at minimum a canteen.  (Water will be provided for you at the FOB but you will be responsible for your hydration while on a mission or at another AO.)
  • Plate Carrier AND/OR Chest Rig. all team members must have a plate carrier OR a Chest Rig/Tactical Vest with the ability to carry a minimum of three magazines. No black gear.
  • Mid/Low Capacity Magazines.  You are restricted to mid cap magazines for all weapons excluding LMG and MMG’s.
  • Two Batteries or Extra Gas.  Though the Field will have batteries, gas, and HPA fills for sale at the FOB YOU must insure that you are ready for gameplay and that you will be useful for your team. 
  • Primary Replica.   All replicas must adhere to the Ballahack Airsoft joule limits and MEDs within those limits found on under safety/regulations.  
  • Food for a day: Bring enough food and sustainment gear to provide yourself for the duration of the event (7 hours continuous)


Suggested Kit List: The following items are suggested but not required for this event.

Suggested Items:

  • Gloves.
  • Weapon Sling
  • Sidearm with Holster
  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Food Bars/ Snacks
  • Change Of Clothing (For That Ride Home IYKYK )

  • PROHIBITED ITEMS: The following are items you cannot bring to this event.

  • No real firearms or blank-firing weapons
  • No illicit Drugs or Alcohol
  • No smoke grenades or pyrotechnics
  • No blades longer than 6 inches
  • No improvised airsoft weapons

    Op Specific Ruleset: All standard rules for Ballahack Airsoft apply with the exception of these specific rules.  (You must fully read and understand all standard rules to attend this event.)



  • HIT CALLING: Anywhere on your body or gear counts as a hit.  Gun hits and ricochets do not count.  When you are hit you are to scream and fall down ACT IT OUT.  At this point you are considered wounded.  You may not talk until you are actively receiving medical aid.  Your body is lifeless and you are dead weight.  To be moved to a medic you must be dragged or carried
  • MOVING DOWN PLAYERS: WHEN a player is shot, they MAY NOT move under their own power. Friendly players must do an assisted move, such as dragging or having the shot player lean on the live player.
  • BLINDMAN: If there is any type of emergency all players in the AO are to stop fighting, stay where they are, and repeat “blindman”.  Once the situation is resolved Command staff will give the call “Game on” before you can move or continue fighting
  • GENERAL CONDUCT:  Be a good human being.  Any verbal or physical aggression is strictly prohibited and will result in ejection from the event without refund.  Any arguing with or disobeying commands from Ballahack Command Staff will result in ejection from the event without refund.  Come with a positive attitude and be the bigger person in any situation.  If you do not know you can do this then do not register for this event.

  • WAIVER:  All Registering Participants MUST Sign the Ballahack Airsoft Field Digital Waiver found HERE


    1: Bleed out is 5 minutes for all players If bled out/cannot be healed, return to Company CCP and wait for 5 minutes. The player must then move to rejoin their platoon.

    2: Buddy aid: Upon being shot for the first time anyone can receive buddy aid. Buddy aid is given in the form of a tourniquet issued at the start of the game. The TQ must be fully applied to an arm and fastened for the action to be complete.

    If a player wearing 1 TQ is shot, they will require a Medic.  Medic will administer a medic water bottle to the down player. Once the player has consumed the bottle they will return it to the medic, remove the TQ, and carry on alive.