Fathers play free June 15-16th!
Fathers play free June 15-16th!




Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are present in order to maintain a safe and fun environment. Disobeying, disrespecting and/or arguing with a marshal is strictly prohibited. Field marshals must be informed of any violations of field or game rules. FIELD MARSHALS MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY FIELD EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.


Airsoft is an honor sport! Honor, Integrity and Respect go hand-in-hand with quality gameplay. All players must call their hits! All direct hits to any part of a player’s body are valid; whether a player is hit in the chest, head, or pinky. Gun hits and ricochets do not count; however, if a player is not certain, when in doubt, call it out. THERE IS A 60 SECOND BLEED OUT TIME AFTER A PLAYER IS HIT.

- When hit, a player must yell as loudly and clearly as possible “HIT” or scream violently.

- All hit players must immediately drop to the ground as if actually hit, or at minimum take a knee.

- To visually signify a hit, dead rags must be placed on top of the head, and the player’s weapon and/or hands must be raised over their head.

- While a player is “dead” they are not allowed to speak words other than “medic”, “respawning”, or “dead man walking” in order to ensure no “dead” player can communicate information to his/her team (enemy positions, etc.) until they have been “healed” by a medic or has respawned.

- Players cannot speak while being “healed” by a medic.



There are no classical medics at The Wild, instead any player possessing a Bandage (More on this later) can heal any other player. When healing another survivor, the individual using the Bandage cannot fire their weapon without having to restart counting to 60 with the Bandage.



If a Bandage is not readily available players can utilize one of several community Respawns. Players must travel all the way to respawn if they decide to respawn. Players cannot start on the way to respawn and end up being healed via Bandage. Players must wait at respawn for THREE minutes before they can enter gameplay. Players are encouraged to remain calm at respawn as they are community respawns and players may be in the awkward situation of respawning next to hostile players. Firefights at respawn points are strictly prohibited.

5.Chrono and Minimum Engagement Distances:

All players must chronograph every weapon they use before entering gameplay. Marshals must chronograph and tape each replica. Standard Chrono regulations apply, and minimum engagement distances apply. (All info can be found on Ballahack’s website under rules and regulations.)


6.Rules Of Engagement:

All players are to use control when in firefights.

Blind firing over ledges or around corners is strictly prohibited. You may not shoot through a hole or crack that you cannot fit your head through.

Grenade kills are allowed only in cases in which a BB from a grenade hits a live player. There is no radius for grenade kills. You may not throw Thunder B’s in Conex boxes. Melee kills are not permitted.


7. Bandages:

The Field is providing Bandages for this event. Bandages are gameplay items that allow players to heal their companions. Players must hold the Bandage against a dead player for one minute. Once the live player has counted one minute the “wounded” player is considered alive. Bandages cannot be looted. Players cannot self-heal with a Bandage, however they can let other players heal them with their own Bandage.


8.Looting and the Economy:

The Wild is at its heart a role-playing event, concordantly a large part of the game is accruing wealth. This wealth is represented in the form of in-game currency and random gameplay items. Players can use in-game currency for all manner of goods and services. All players are requested to bring several lootable items to barter in gameplay. Specific looting rules based on different denominations of in-game currency.


9.Roleplayers and Admin:

There will be a multitude of Admin designated roleplayers in the game. These characters range from beggars to merchants to powerful characters. These roleplayers will be designated with an overt symbol. Players are encouraged to avoid antagonizing roleplayers as they are invincible. Roleplayers are included in gameplay to enrich player experience through quests, factions, and trade. Players are encouraged to interact with roleplayers.There will also be multiple photographers and gameplay admin staff, these individuals are not in gameplay and thus not to be engaged.

  1. Attitude:

The Wild is a unique experience; there are very few airsoft events that come close to creating an environment akin to The Wild. There are many trying situations that might arise from this game however all players are expected to behave in a mature, friendly manner, even when the game gets intense. Any instances of verbal or physical aggression are grounds for immediate banning from the field.