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Action Packed Gameplay Every Saturday & Sunday All Day Long

Acetac Gear Flex Wing


Introducing the FLEX Wing Pouch, an adaptable expander wing crafted for effortless integration of mission-specific components as per your requirements. This versatile accessory is compatible with any chest rig or plate carrier featuring a loop panel for attachment.


The Flex Wing Pouch's primary compartment offers complete adjustability through the loop strap on the underside. This feature empowers you to customize the pocket's depth, ensuring optimal alignment with your magazines, radio, or other equipment for an ideal ride height and positioning.


In addition to the traditional method of attaching the wing pouch to the soft loop back panel on your chest rig, the FLEX Wing Pouch provides the option to configure it to contour to your body. The laser-cut MOLLE slots on the FLEX Wing's sides facilitate the attachment of included female buckles. This innovative setup enables direct connection of chest rig straps to the FLEX Wing, offering a unique and ergonomic solution.


Below is a compilation of fitments we've thoroughly tested, including staggered 556 magazines, AK magazines, AR10 magazines, BAOFENG radios, 16 oz water bottles, and the possibilities extend as far as your imagination can take you. The list is extensive and continues to grow.


A pair of FLEX Wing Pouches

(4) Duraflex Female Buckles for Attachment


Specifications & Safety

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