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First Timers Play Free 7/20 or 7/21, $25 Friday Night Games Weekly

The Ballahack Swamp Rig


 Introducing the "Swamp Rig"! The Swamp Rig is a tactical chest rig conceptualized by Ballahack Airsoft staff, taking inspiration from classic rigs such as the British Northern Ireland Rig & the SADF M83 Chest rig, but with a suite of modern upgrades. The design philosophy behind the Swamp Rig is that all essential equipment (Primary Magazines, Water, Ammo, Extra Batteries, Snacks, Handgun, Handgun Magazines, Smoke Grenades, etc.) can be placed at chest level, so that any Airsoft participant can freely navigate through swampy or wet terrain without damaging any of their equipment by having it at waist level.

The Swamp Rig consists of three adjustable retention closed top magazine pouches (See below for fitment), two velcro closure general purpose pouches, a document sleeve pouch behind the three magazine pouches, and two Radio/Handgun pouches behind the general purpose pouches.

All in all, it may not be the PERFECT rig, but in a world full of Micro Chest Rigs, the Swamp Rig is a return to form of carrying more than just three magazines.


*Listing is for the chest rig only, Airsoft Replica and other items not included. Photographed to show abilities. 

Specifications & Safety


-Fits AR, .308, and AK , and MP7/MP5 Mags
-Mag Pouches can also hold Water Bottles
-Side Pouches Velcro Lined to allow for easy attachments of organizers and other items.
-Side Pouches will hold Odin Innovations Speed Loaders and 16oz Nalgene Bottles
-Comes with two velcro backed elastic pouches for holding speedloaders, pistol mags and WP-40 smoke grenades from Enola Gaye. These are to be used in the side pouches.
-Rear Mounted Velcro allows for Danglers to be attached
-Map Pocket
-Radio Pocket
-Radio Pouch can fit handgun.

Warranty Information

This item has a 60 day warranty period.

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