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Fathers play free June 15-16th!

Echo 1 MK1 SR556 6" QD Barrel Extension w- Flash Hider



Echo1 Mk1 SR556 6" / 6.75"/ 7.5" Quick Detach Barrel Extension in Black

MadBull has partnered with Echo1 to bring to you Echo1 MK1 SR 5.56 Quick Detach Barrel Extension.

The MK1 is a unique barrel extension because of its quick detach feature.

This allows you to attach or remove the barrel extension in one simple step.

The MK1 package comes with the barrel extension and flash hider specially designed for quick detach function. There are 3 lengths of barrel extensions.

It is constructed out of T6 aluminum with a matte black oxide finish. Look no further for airsoft superiority and excellence, MadBull delivers all.

Package include

MK1 SR556 Quick Detach Barrel Extension
14mm CCW Flash Hider


T6 Aluminum Construction
Matte Black Oxide Finished
Quick-Attach/Detach Function
Flash Hider Included

Specifications & Safety

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