Elite Force Avalon Calibur II PDW Black by VFC

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Avalon is keeping up the good work with their release of the Avalon Calibur II PDW!

Everything you love about Avalon in a small compact package!

Typical of the PDW platform, the Caliber II features a very short barrel and has an overall length of only 19.25" with the reinforced wire stock collapsed.

The Caliber II PDW includes one QRS black midcap magazine and will accept most standard M4 style magazines.

This PDW also features a full metal body and receiver, flip-up iron sights, reinforced PDW stock, ECS gearbox, 14mm left hand threaded metal outer barrel, custom flash hider, ambi-mag release, ambi-selector, adjustable rotary hop-up chamber, red steel tooth upgraded piston.

MOSFET is installed-- ***Must use 11.1v LiPo battery*** not included.

Manufacturer: VFC

FPS: 340-370

Power: 11.1v

Wiring: Rear wired to stock

Package Includes: Gun, Midcap Magazine, Battery Compartment Extension Unit, Manual