Elite Force H8R Revolver Blk-Red Limited Edition

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The Elite Force H8R Gen 2 is everything you want in an airsoft revolver and nothing you don't. 

Designed to be the ultimate tactical airsoft hand cannon, this wheel gun monster is stuffed with tons of great features. 

Including an added rail space to mount a flashlight and/or laser underneath the barrel and a red dot optic on the top. 

The gun is CO2 powered, with the CO2 gas cartridge being housed in the grip.

This is a non-blowback revolver which typically are notorious for breaking field tap but Elite Force has managed to keep this CQB legal clocking in at about 325 fps with .20 gram BBs.

The “magazines” are removable and hold 10 shots each, with 5 mags included with the gun. 

Double or single-action realism and an ergonomic grip round off what is truly a unique option for the player looking for something a little off the highly beaten airsoft pistol trail.

One CO2 cartridge is rated to last past the 50 shots you get with the included magazines, pick up a couple extra disks to take advantage of not having to swap cylinders often.