First Timers Play Free 7/20 or 7/21, $25 Friday Night Games Weekly
First Timers Play Free 7/20 or 7/21, $25 Friday Night Games Weekly

Matrix Custom Falcon Beta Non-Blowback Airsoft Gas Pistol w/ CNC RMR Ready Aluminum Slide



Experience the thrill of silent and accurate shooting with the impressive Matrix Falcon. This superb sidearm packs power and includes CNC aluminum slide cut for optics, Maple Leaf inner barrel, Maple Leaf hop up, 24-round magazine, and Green Gas, remains quietly capable.


Specifications & Safety

-CNC Aluminum Slide
-Cut For Optics
-Maple Leaf Inner Barrel
-Maple Leaf Hop Up
-24 Round Magazine
-Green Gas
Airsoft Gun Safety: Please remember the following guidelines for safe gun use: 1. Always treat your gun as if it is loaded, even if you think it's not. 2. Never point your gun at anything you don't intend to shoot. 3. Keep your finger straight and away from the trigger until you are ready to fire. 4. Keep the safety on your gun until you are ready to shoot. 5. Use a barrel bag to prevent accidental discharge. 6. Always wear eye protection when using your replica firearm. 7. Always transport your replica firearm in a carrying case. Please note that these guidelines are crucial for your safety and should be followed at all times.

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