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Matrix Typhoon 360 Impact Gas Grenades by Swiss Arms



  • Single shell impact resistant polymer construction
  • High performance, reusable grenade with a 360 degree BB dispersal pattern with up to a 10m (32.8 feet) blast radius
  • Impact style detonation trigger
  • Easy to load and reset
  • Slimmer profile allows the grenade to fit standard double M4 magazine pouches
  • Primer system which allows for a smoother snag free™ profile
  • Now works better on softer surfaces like carpet and grass
The Typhoon 360 is the latest generation of 360 impact grenades designed and manufactured in France with superior quality control, slick exterior design, portable, and packed with room clearing firepower!
The Typhoon 360 is a reusable grenade that is easy to use and reliably fires up to 155 BBs when it impacts with walls or the ground. Its rotation effect disperses the BBs in all directions up to 10m (32.8 feet) away. It is made mostly of nylon, making it robust and light. Its realistic size allows it to fit into a grenade pocket. Clear a room, disperse the opposing team and strike fear in the heart of you enemies!

Manufacturer: Matrix (USA) / Swiss Arms (Europe)


BB Capacity: 155
Detonation Pattern: 360 Degrees up to 10m (32.8ft)
Velocity: 67ms / 220 fps
Grenade Type: Gas Powered. Green Gas only
Weight: 160g
Material: Polymer

Specifications & Safety

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