Fertile Crescent 9 4/20-4/21, Walk On's Not Permitted.

Fertile Crescent 9 4/20-4/21, Walk On's Not Permitted.

Valken Battery Tester and Power Analyzer


The Valken Battery Tester is a great personal item to have to make sure your battery pack is still game ready after countless number of uses!

The airsoft battery tester can quickly check the remaining charge of various Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Li-Fe, Li-Po, and Li-Ion airsoft battery packs.

It's easy to read digital display lets you know at a glance if your airsoft battery pack needs to be recharged.

The battery tester also displays the voltage of each cell, so you know when the battery pack needs to be balanced.

It can also display the internal resistance of each individual cell, so you can evaluate the health of your battery pack and decide when to discard or replace it.

Other Features and Specifications:

High resolution 2.1" LCD display screen

Push-button selection of battery type, cell selection and mode

Audible tone indicator for each selection made

Battery balance function

Battery discharging feature at a discharge rate of 180mA

Battery internal resistance tester

Uses battery pack as power source (does not require outlet adapter)

Color: Black

Dimensions: 84mm L x 50mm W x 16mm D

Cell Number: NiCd/NiMh (4-7 cells), Lithium Type (2-7 cells)

Package Includes: Battery Tester and manual

Specifications & Safety