Valken Li-Ion 11.1V 3000mAh Split Airsoft Battery (Deans)

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The Valken 11.1v Split Type Li-ion airsoft battery is a high perfomance lithium airsoft gun battery made with 3.7v 18650 cells.

This high-capacity nun-chuck style battery has a long recharge life cycle, and has on average 2-5 times more energy than normal Li-Po airsoft batteries.

Li-Ion has no memory effect, and does not require discharging.

They fit inside most crane stocks and other large battery compartments

Features and Specifications:

High performance Lithium Ion cells

35A peak discharge rate

Configuration: Split (2 Cells)

Plug type: T-Connector(Deans)

Charging Plug Type: BMS / XH 4-Pin Charging Connector

Specifications: 11.1v / 3000mAh

Output: 35A Peak

Charger: Not Included