Action Packed Gameplay Every Saturday & Sunday All Day Long

Action Packed Gameplay Every Saturday & Sunday All Day Long

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REV: Fertile Crescent 9


Revelations Fertile Crescent 9
(Post Apocalypse Roleplay Ballahack)
April 20th / 21st , 2024

The Revelations event series is a free flowing, post-apocalyptic role-playing game where players have the power to choose how they will survive the wastelands. This is not your normal event. You will experience challenging situations and must have the maturity and a good attitude to handle them.  Revelations Fertile Crescent 9 is the next exciting iteration of our summertime Revelations series!

Pricing Tier System:

Pre 2/12/24 :         $130.00

2/12/24- 4/1/24:  $150.00

After 4/1/24:      $170.00

Registration includes Custom Revelations FC9 Patch, free in game food and drinks, and a raffle ticket for Sunday.


April 20th 2024

  Day 1

Parking Begins


Processing Begins




Game Start


Game End


April 21st 2024

  Day 2

Parking Begins


Processing Begins




Game Start


Game End






REFUNDS: Ballahack Airsoft event tickets are non-refundable unless the event is canceled. 

CAMPING: Camping is not permitted. No RV's, campers, car camping, or tents are permitted.

Field Setup: Players will NOT be allowed on the field prior to the event (The Day Before, or the day of) to setup structures, encampments, or the likes of. 



ALL PLAYERS MUST MEET the clothing / weapons requirements found below.



Refund Policy & Ticket Transfers


Ticket Transfers will be permitted for the year of 2024. Ticket Transfers will be permitted up until a week before an event after which ticket transfers will not be available. Individuals selling tickets for more than the event cost will have their tickets refunded and barred from the event.

To Transfer A Ticket:

  1. Once a customer purchases a ticket, they will receive a ticket notification email with the link to access their ticket. You will need to go to this email.
  2. Click on view your ticket, and you will be sent to your ticket page.
  3. To transfer the ticket you can enter the name and email address of the person to whom the ticket will be transferred then click on"Update Ticket Details."
  4. Once you click on Update Ticket Detail ticket will show that it is no longer valid showing the email address where the ticket was transferred to and when it was transferred. 
  5. All Information applied to the ticket for the new attendee must be accurate and must have all terms agreed upon before arrival to the event. Failure to agree to the terms or provide inaccurate information will delay your processing time.

After this point, your ticket is no longer in your possession. We recommend that you only transfer tickets to people that you know. Ballahack Airsoft will not be involved in 3rd Party Sales, so it is important that ensure that you are buying a ticket from a reputable source.

Event Specific Rules

1. Field Marshals

Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are present to maintain a safe and fun environment. Disobeying, disrespecting, and/or arguing with a marshal is strictly prohibited. Field marshals must be informed of any violations of field or game rules. FIELD MARSHALS MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY FIELD EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.

2. Hit Calling

Airsoft is an honor sport! Honor, Integrity, and Respect go hand-in-hand with quality gameplay. All players must call their hits! All direct hits to any part of a player’s body are valid; whether a player is hit in the chest, head, or pinky. Gun hits and ricochets do not count; however, if a player is not certain when in doubt, call it out. There is a 3-minute bleed-out period in which players can be looted. After 3-minuets a player can then proceed to spawn.

- When hit, a player must yell as loudly and clearly as possible “HIT” or scream violently.

- All hit players must immediately drop to the ground as if hit, or at minimum take a knee.

- To visually signify a hit, dead rags must be placed on top of the head, and the player’s weapon and/or hands must be raised over their head.

- While a player is “dead” they are not allowed to speak words other than “medic”, “respawning”, or “dead man walking” to ensure no “dead” player can communicate information to his/her team (enemy positions, etc.) until they have been “healed” by a medic or has respawned.

- Players cannot speak while being “healed” by a medic.

3. Medics

There are no classical medics at Revelations, instead, any player possessing a Stimpak (More on this later) can heal any other player. When healing another survivor, the individual using the Stimpak cannot fire their weapon without having to restart counting to 60 with the Stimpak. Unless you’re using a super stim which takes 30 seconds.

4. Respawns

If a Stimpak is not readily available players can utilize one of several community Respawns. Before Traveling to respawn a player must wait for THREE minutes of bleed-out. Players must travel all the way to respawn if they decide to respawn. Players cannot start on the way to respawn and end up being healed via Stimpak. Players must wait at respawn for ONE minute before they can enter gameplay. Players are encouraged to remain calm at respawn as they are community respawns and players may be in the awkward situation of spawning next to hostile players. Firefights at respawn points are strictly prohibited.

5. Chrono & Minimum Engagement Distances

All players must chronograph every weapon they use before entering gameplay. Marshals must chronograph and tape each replica. Standard Chrono regulations apply, and minimum engagement distances apply. (All info can be found on the Ballahack website under rules and regulations.)

Unless using a full auto-only gun (a red taped gun) All guns must be kept on the “Semi-Automatic” rate of fire during the event.

FPS Regulations

- Rev is a semi-auto-only event except for support weapons.

Weapons will be judged by joule limits listed on the website, not just by fps. Below are examples of FPS equivalencies with .20 gram bbs.

All AEGs/GBBRs must shoot below 420 FPS

All bolt-action sniper rifles must shoot below 550 FPS

All Pistols must shoot below 400 FPS

All weapons are chronographed with either .20 or .40 BBs. See RULESET on Ballahack’s website for Joule limits.

In the case of full auto weapons, the firing rate cannot exceed 24 RPS, and may not engage within 50 feet of their target.


6. Rules of Engagement

All players are to use control when in firefights.

Blind firing over ledges or around corners is strictly prohibited. You may not shoot through a hole or crack that you cannot fit your head through.

As previously stated, players must be semi-automatic all day unless they have an LMG. When firing players should be able to see down the sites of their weapons. No safety kills are permitted. Grenade kills are allowed only in cases in which a BB from a grenade hits a live player. There is no radius for grenade kills. You may not throw Thunder B’s in Conex boxes. Melee kills are not permitted outside of the Blood Pit.

7. Stimpacks

The Field is providing stimpaks for this event. Stimpaks are gameplay items that allow players to heal their companions. Stimpaks are syringe-like objects. Players must hold the Stimpak against a dead player for one minute. Once the live player has counted one minute the “wounded” player is considered alive. Stimpaks cannot be looted. Players cannot self-heal with a Stimpak however they can let other players heal them with their own Stimpak.

8. Looting & The Economy

Rev is at its heart a role-playing event, concordantly a large part of the game is accruing wealth. All players are requested to bring several lootable items to barter in gameplay. Players cannot use "Real-world" trades to get gameplay items from Roleplayers (e.g. trade your gun for a stimpack). In-game items can be received by doing quests, trading other In-game items, or using in-game currency. Players cannot use real money (USD) to buy items on the field from players.

9. Roleplayers & Admin

There will be a multitude of Admin-designated roleplayers in the game. These characters range from beggars to merchants to powerful characters. These roleplayers will be designated with an overt symbol. Players are encouraged to avoid antagonizing roleplayers as they are invincible. Roleplayers are included in gameplay to enrich player experience through quests, factions, and trade. Players are encouraged to interact with roleplayers. There will also be multiple photographers and gameplay admin staff, these individuals are not in gameplay and thus not to be engaged.

10 Dress Code

Revelations takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, as such players are expected to look and act the part. Guns & Gear Should be made to look as beaten up as possible should also reflect the dire, stark atmosphere. Players should NOT wear modern military gear and rigs.

Ballahack Airsoft reserves the right to deny players if their kit does not match the atmosphere. This is the event for rags, not Cryes. Do Not show up in a full modern military kit. We reserve the right to reject you without a refund if you dont allow these rules.

Participants must dress appropriately for the family-friendly event and should not be only wearing undergarments.

IF you have a costume that doesn’t meet all of the requirements outlined below but would like to submit it for approval, submit THREE images (Front, Back, Side) of the costume to

These lists are not exhaustive but simply a guideline to help participants express creativity while also adding to the aesthetic of the event.

  1. Airsoft Replica (Minimum ONE modifier from the list below unless otherwise stated)
  2. One section of Replica wrapped with Duct Tape (holding the gun together)
  3. One section of the Replica stripped of paint or otherwise weathered
  4. One part of the Replica superficially broken (no sharp bits)
  5. Replica put together via an amalgamation of non matching parts (Frankensteined)
  6. One piece of external furniture removed from Replica
  7. Makeshift attachment (oil can suppressor, magnifying glass scope, extra wires and pipes, modified magazine)
  8. One or more parts of Replica refinished with a wasteland appropriate paint job. Bright spray paint, symbols, or writing are all acceptable
  9. All optic types are allowed but must have one of the modifiers above for the optic itself

Clothing (Tops, Bottoms, Hats, Etc., Minimum TWO modifiers from the list below)

  1. Heavily faded item of clothing (top or bottom)
  2. Ripped item of clothing (top or bottom, no visible underwear)
  3. Tape around the leg or arm
  4. Ace Bandage (fake blood soaked) lightly wrapped around the leg or arm
  5. Patchwork/sewn together article of clothing
  6. Article of clothing spattered with fake blood
  7. Article of clothing soiled with dirt/dried mud
  8. Clothing with symbols painted/otherwise marked on it
  9. Clothing modified with pseudo armor (Sports pads, Metal, Sci-Fi etc.)
  10. Half/full cape that is heavily faded, ripped, or sewn together
  11. Clothing with miscellaneous electronic bits attached (wires, timers, an entire toaster)
  12. Article of clothing that incorporates a 3d printed item (shoulder piece, radio device, etc)
  13. Face/body makeup that makes you look dirty or have a theme (think war boys from mad max)
  14. Modern military helmets NEED at least one modifier.
  15. Rain gear (ponchos/jackets/etc,) do not need to be modified

Equipment (Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers, Backpacks, Minimum of TWO modifiers from the list below)

  1. One section of equipment wrapped with duct tape (holding the equipment together)
  2. One section of equipment wrapped with Ace Bandage
  3. Equipment with symbols painted/otherwise marked on it
  4. Equipment spattered with fake blood
  5. Equipment soiled with dirt/dried mud
  6. Equipment modified with pseudo armor (Sports pads, Metal, Sci-Fi etc.)
  7. Equipment with post apocalyptic themed charm hanging/protruding/attached
  8. Equipment that incorporates an unusual/repurposed item (license plates, soda tabs, caps, etc)
  9. Equipment with miscellaneous electronic bits attached (wires, timers, an entire toaster)
  10. Equipment that incorporates a 3d printed item (shoulder piece, radio device, etc)


  1. No more than one clothing item that is camouflaged (excluding hats, gloves, and gear
  2. No matching military tops and bottoms
  3. No halloween costumes, meme costumes OR unrelated cosplays
  4. No competitive airsoft loadouts (Jerseys, Pads, etc.)
  5. Metal weapons of any kind
  6. (Additional Banned items for field in standard rules)

Observers & External Media

Observers and other external media is not permitted at our events. Participants without a valid ticket will not be permitted onto the field.